Does watching TV Before Bed has a Negative Effect?

Does watching TV Before Bed has a Negative Effect?

Almost everyone is fond of watching TV before going to bed even though at the back of the head, we all know that it is not good.


Being guilty every night that why you did that and then repeating the same mistake. Well, this habit is hard to quit,but here the information will compel you to stop watching TV right before bed. How can you stop it when you have to listen to the Islamic lecture before bed? Well, it is not necessary for you to watch it but you can listen to them with your eyes closed as well.

What to Do Before Going to Bed?

Well, let's discuss on somethings which are important before going to bed. People watch TV because it is considered one of the most primary and reliable sources of information. They watch it know about the updated news, listen to Islamic lectures or any other programs which they like. It has become a powerful source of communication in the past few years which delivers information instantly. You keep on looking at the TV not realizing that you are not blinking your eyes which can affect your brain and your eyesight both. When you watch television before going to bed, it is not naturally bad but watching it for too long can surely effect. The quality of sleep may get disturbed, and you may also have dreams regarding the information which you have seen on television.

About TVS Emit Light

The hormone melatonin works around the cycle of sleep which is there closely and governs our smooth sleep. If there is any lacking in the sleep hormone, then know that you will be getting the disturbed sleep. The hormone keeps us sleep the entire night peacefully, and if it gets disturbed, then you will not be able to wake up happy as well. The release of the hormone gets through slowly through the body by waking you up early in the morning.

The blue light in the devices may cause the problems in sleeping since the era of technology started. There has been a disturbance in the hormone due to the smartphones and excessive TV viewing before sleeping. When there is a blue light in front of your eyes before sleeping, it produces less melatonin which may cause sleeping problems for you.

You will not be comfortable while sleeping even if you are sleeping on the sofa bed mattress. It does not let you fall asleep instantly, and you may even keep waking up the next few hours without knowing why you are not sleepy anywhere. The hours get less of sleep and disturbed, so you can imagine what a bad combination it can be.

When there is frequent blue light emitted in the brain, it causes the melatonin to drop and may not let you sleep at all. It can lead to chronic sleep disorders and may also lead to insomnia over time when there is excessive usage. To get rid of this problem, you have to limit the usage of the smartphone and TV before bed at least 2 hours so that you can fall asleep instantly and that too deep.

What to Watch and What not to Watch before Bed?

Turning off the TV an hour before you go to bed would be a good option for you no matter what favorite program you were watching. If you want to listen to the Islamic lecture which may come before bedtime, then it is better to record it on the TV. If you do not have that option, then you can always look it up on the internet the next day.

Watch it during the daytime, and you will be found with getting the night and right sleep. You do not have to watch all the shows before TV as there is advanced technology, you can find everything on the internet the next day instantly. You will feel relaxed when you sleep on time and follow this routine of not watching TV before sleeping. It avoids the pressure on the eyes, and you feel light on the brain. The delay of melatonin causes the heavyweight on the eyes which makes you wonder that there is something wrong with the brain, but in actual it all happens because of the screen you watch every night before going to sleep.

The TV out of Bedroom

Prefer not to keep the TV in the bedroom as well as smartphone, tablet, computer, Android Television Box, and gaming consoles too for better sleep. When you have in the bedroom, the first thing is that you get lazy and tend to watch it all day long. It gets easier for you to lay down on the bed and turn it on whenever you want. As soon as you wake up or before sleeping, you would be looking at the screen not realizing how badly it can affect your sleep pattern.

Have the large screen TV in the lounge where you can watch at a certain time and then turn it off an hour before you go to bed. Do other things like pray or listen to the lectures on headphones so you can find peace. The temptation of watching TV goes away when you have alternatives to keep yourself busy. You do not have to fall asleep while watching TV as it will be uncomfortable for you. If you are not able to sleep, do not turn on the TV so that you can fall asleep instead read an Islamic book and you will see how easily you fall asleep.

Turn if Off an Hour before

After the long day, it is necessary for you to give up on the screen before an hour. Do you keep on checking the phone the entire day but still do not get tired? Well, you think that you are not tired, but the eyes do get affected with it. It affects your brain and eyes badly with even lowering your vision at some point in life.

You might face frequent headaches and find it slow to respond when you wake up because you look at the screens so much. Even if you get long sleep, it will not work well for you when you are watching TV and then trying to sleep right after 5 minutes.

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The Important Role of DNA Testing

There is a case that two persons need a clear explanation of whether they are biologically related or not


One way to know the answer is by using a DNA testing. The DNA testing is considered as an accurate way to show whether two persons are related to each other such as whether they are a mother and son or in the same family member genetically. You may go to a specific service such as Lextox to do this test. Before that, let's talk a little bit about DNA testing and its uses.

About DNA Testing

The DNA testing is a test to show that someone is related to someone else biologically or genetically. The test is a laboratory test in which an expert takes a specific sample from both clients. The samples can be taken from their hair, blood, or oral sample. For example, the specialist is using cotton swabs to brush the donor's cheek. The sampling process is painless and it doesn't need any complicated procedure. Later, the specialist continues the process by comparing the DNA in cells taken from the sample to show whether both of the clients are related to or having a family relationship or not. This is also a specific service such Lextoxdoes to their clients. Commonly, you will get the result within 5 working days or even less.

The Uses of DNA Testing

There are several benefits you can get by taking DNA testing. Indeed, the main benefit is to know the relationship between two or more people and get a clear answer whether they are a family or not. The uses are classified based on the type of the DNA testing taken.

The DNA testing is able to use to know the father of a child. In this case, the parent and child have to take a DNA paternity testing in which the specialist takes the child's DNA and his or her mother and alleged father. The sample will be compared each other to show whether the child has a family relationship with the alleged father biologically. This DNA test can be used for family law matters such as childcare proceeding, adoption, and immigration. You can also use DNA testing to know the mother of the child and the child and the alleged mother have to take maternity DNA testing. Even, it is also possible to test by the time the childbirth. The test is known as a prenatal DNA test where it is used to know the father of the baby.

The DNA testing is also used to show whether two babies or kids are full siblings or half siblings. Even, this test can be used to check the relationship between a grandchild with his or her grandparent or a niece or nephew with his or her aunt or uncle.

The most important thing you need to consider before taking a DNA testing is that you have to make sure that you are using a trusted service. A specific trusted DNA testing service such as Lextox will have legal accreditation and certification. It is an important consideration for a safe process and accurate result.

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