All The Tracking That Facebook Does To Customize Your Experience Is Making You Lazy

All The Tracking That Facebook Does To Customize Your Experience Is Making You Lazy

Trust them, they're journalists.

It's time we, as consumers of media, talk about something...

It's important, so, grab a coffee or something and take a seat.

Here's the thing, and higher powers know I am not the first to bring this up, but Facebook, Twitter and other social media are severely limiting our worldviews.

Odds are, you're like me and spend too much time scrolling and a majority of what you're seeing, besides the cutesy engagement photos and pumpkin spice selfies, are click-bait versions of the same thing.

If you're liberal or tend to click on left-leaning content, then that's what you're seeing on your feed.

It's kind of like how if you're searching for a burgundy colored clutch to match that dress you're wearing to your cousin's wedding or a new Hugo Boss watch to add to your ever-growing collection and all of a sudden every time you log into Instagram or Facebook all your seeing are ads along the same vein as the item in your recent shopping search.

Every click you make is being tracked.

Websites recognize you, Google knows your birthday and Facebook talks to you about the weather in your area.

Besides making me increasingly more paranoid, the creepy tabs the internet keeps on me can be occasionally useful. It can help you find out when that exact watch you're looking for goes on sale or tell you when it's someone's birthday that you may have otherwise forgotten.

But all the tracking that Facebook does to customize your experience is making us lazy. It's making us less exposed to opposing viewpoints and devolving us into uninformed, lazy, news consumers.

I know, I'm guilty of getting sucked into it myself. But it's OK, there's hope.

The very first thing people ask me after learning my major in college is always something along the lines of, "What's the point of staying up-to-date with the news if it's all biased and sensationalized?".

Well, it's like this...

Would you trust a stranger on Craig’s List with no reviews or apparent credentials to fix her car? The answer is no because it’s likely you would take it to a trusted mechanic.

It’s as simple as that, it’s about credibility, and journalists have a job to do just like any other professional.

They’re not orating in front of a jury or wearing stethoscopes to check your heart rate; they’re behind cameras and computer screens, but just as lawyers are bound to justice and doctors to do no harm, journalists are bound to the truth.

And it's true, a lot of sources are biased, that makes this day and age simultaneously the worst and the best era for news.

It's the worst because it's fragmented, dependent on speed and clickability over accuracy. And it's the best because it's immediate, global and encourages people to be vigilant, to pay attention and become their own news aggregates.

I won't lie to you, staying informed takes time. It requires you to get your news from all sides, to listen to NPR and read articles from the Huffington Post, while also seeing what Fox News and CNN are posting. And understanding that those sources have agendas.

Their content is catering to a specific audience.

But paying the most attention to sources like Politico, Al Jazeera and your local paper. These are my standby sources, the ones I know are likely to give me the facts and keep me the most current with what's going on in the world.

The truth is, even with the most reliable sources, you'll never escape agenda and pandering. So, I implore you to take a more holistic approach to being informed and stop letting social media dictate your worldview.

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3 Reasons To Truly Live Life Every Day

There is so much to see and experience, plus it's fun.

1. The world is so beautiful

I think sometimes we forget that time isn’t limitless. We forget that the days are going by and we are missing things because we think there will always be another day to see them. We often don’t take the time to really take in just how beautiful our world is and what it has to offer. Even on its rainy and gloomy days, it is beautiful. Even when there is devastation or tragedy, something beautiful will come from it. We spend so much time focusing on what we want to do and looking at pictures of all the places we would love to go to. Let’s start exploring the places we want to go and doing the things we want to do because it is so much more striking when you see it in person.

2. Someone has to be the light

In a time where darkness seems to be the only thing we see nowadays, we need the lights. We live in a world where going to school or going to a concert have become scary places instead of joyous places. And while that does make us afraid and on edge, we have to push through and realize that if we don’t continue to live our lives, the darkness will take over. We have to come together and take control of our lives and the people around us. It is on us to live every day in hope and gratitude rather than fear. Let’s be the lights in the dark days and let’s continue to make the good days outshine the bad.

3. Because there’s no other way to truly live

I think the presence of social media has deterred many people from living the life they dream about because the photos and videos make it seem so unrealistic. We go through life comparing ourselves to the pictures and the personas so many of these people put on. It makes us not want to live our lives because we think it can never compare to those that “have more” than we do. One thing no one can have more of than you is the will to do and the will do see all that you want. Everyone is entitled to live the life they choose and if we don’t start actually living it, the days will continue to go by and things will continue to happen because until we take control of our lives, someone or something else will. Let’s go out there and make the world ours. After all, it doesn’t belong to one, single person anyway.

Let’s take the power we have today and make it change the tomorrows. No one can live our lives for us and no one can make us do the things we want to do. It’s on us, and isn’t that the most special thing?

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did.” — Mark Twain
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