Do What Makes You Happy & Screw Other's Opinions

Do you get tired of people giving you advice and opinions when you don't ask for them? Yeah, me too, all the time. They ask for what your goals are, you aspirations, your future, but yet you tell them and they say "Oh well I would not do that."

I was at a job that I HATED so I was looking into other roles elsewhere. A family friend of mine told me I would be making a mistake by doing that, and I told her "I do not think so, it's my life." I did not even ask for her opinion.

So why is it that people tell us to follow our dreams yet put us down when we tell them what they are? Their lives experiences will not be the same as ours so honestly, do what YOU want and stop living someone else's life.

I have many goals for the future; to open up a dance studio, work at Hershey (I love that place!), help people..and all people have told me was "oh you won't make money" or "oh you won't like it there"...

It is great you are interested in what I am doing with my life, but don't put me down because things did not workout for you. I don't like to stick to the status quo for everything. Yeah work is cool, but to have a job that gives me meaning would be even cooler and I won't let someone's opinion of what I should do or not do make my choices for me.

People say don't travel there cause it's a bad place, yet they never visited it. People say don't study that you won't get a job, yet did not even look into the field. People say don't date him he has a history of drug abuse yet does not get to know the present person.

What if by some miracle we all encouraged each other and supported one another instead of living in our own fears? That would be something. Sharing our wisdom in positive aspects instead of all of the negative stuff that happens. If someone wants to be an art teacher, don't tell them that they won't find a job because there are few jobs out there, rather say "It may be difficult to find a job in art right away, but I know you can do it."

When we give other's the aspects of our lives that are negative and we don't support others because of our own fears, it leads others down a path of doubt. We should not be doubting others if it makes them happy. If someone wants to do comedy but sucks at it, let them do it anyway. It may takes till their 70 to be a success, so be it, they tried and they did what made them happy.

So at the end of the day ask yourself "Am I happy?" cause that is what is most important.

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