10 Things You Do NOT Say About Someone's Siblings At Rival Football Schools

10 Things You Do NOT Say About Someone's Siblings At Rival Football Schools

We're already trashing the other person's school, we don't need you to join in.

College football rivalries are an age-old tradition and are not taken lightly, especially in the South. When families and rivalries combine, it's hard for fans to know how to respond.

Here are five things NOT to say to someone with a sibling at a rival school.

1. "I guess everyone knows who the favorite child is, now."

Yes, it is now obvious to everyone in the world that the sole reason my parents have finally decided on a favorite child is simply — and only — because I am going to the University of Alabama and my brother goes to Auburn. He is now out of the will and will no longer be an acknowledged member of the family. Honestly? Who thinks this is an acceptable thing to say to someone?

2. "If you didn't get along before, you certainly won't now."

You're right. This was the final straw. I can no longer have a peaceful and loving relationship with my brother because he goes to, dare I say it, Auburn. We all love of good rivalry but really? A rivalry is not going to tear my family apart.

3. "Wow, Thanksgiving must be a real tense holiday for your family."

Oh my god. I thought you were joking. Yeah, instead of taking the time to be, ya know, grateful for my family and the close relationship I have with my brother, we all decided to cut the final thread in what was holding our family together because of the Iron Bowl. Obviously.

4. "We know who the smart kid is."

This is just offensive to multiple parties on multiple accounts. We both have scholarships. We're both majoring in different things. Both of our colleges have high standards with academics. I'm going to need to see a brain map on how you got to this conclusion.

5. "And you still love them?"

Honestly, the fact that I get asked this on a regular basis is so bewildering to me, especially when the person seems serious. We are bound by blood, and have grown up together for over a decade? My love and compassion for them is not going to end just because of a football rivalry, but thanks.

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To The People Destined To Marry My Baby Twin Siblings, A Few Words

You really drew lucky cards when you met these people, and I hope that you value them as much as I have.

For seven years of my life, I was a solo act and I was alright with that... until I wasn't. When my brother and sister were born, I knew then that I would spend every single minute of the rest of my life protecting, motivating, and loving these two little people with my everything, and that was what I have done.

Every minute since they were born, I have tried to show them unconditional love and support, offer them guidance, and keep them away from anything that might hurt them. I didn't know that they would end up inspiring me, but they will change the world someday.

For the people out in the world who will someday be lucky enough to call these amazing humans your significant others, I have some advice:

You will never love them as much as I do

I am not threatening you. Don't worry. I am just being honest. I have raised these people to become who they are. I have taught them life lessons, I have been to all of their celebrations for their accomplishments, I have boasted about them to complete strangers, and I have picked them up from some pretty dark places. They have been my motivation their whole lives, and for that, I have an amount of love for them no one will ever be able to match.

We are incredibly close

I have shared some pretty gritty secrets with these people. (We did live together for most of our lives.) The three of us have had spitball contests, alphabet burping contests, sock fights, heated arguments, intense crying sessions, lazy days, family parties, family secrets, and memories that you weren't part of. But, what you have going for you now is that you will be there when we make more. You will get close to us, even if you weren't in all of the past.

They are willing to do anything for the people they love

Throughout our lives, we have been through our share of good and bad. The good was really good, and the bad was really bad. But no matter what, my brother and sister have been dedicated to making sure that the people they love are OK with everything that happens. (They are twins and have literally fought for each other.) So don't ever worry about their loyalty. They protect the people they love with everything in them, and I am extremely proud of that.

They will change your life

You may "know" this already, but you really won't understand until you can watch them changing someone else's life and reflect on yourself. These two people have seriously changed my life. They bring a light into it that no other person I have ever met could possibly do. They have something in their eyes that sparks a revolution in other people. They can motivate, inspire, alter your thinking, and help you see a different side of things you didn't think was possible. They make you a better person, and you will be eternally thankful for that.

You are the luckiest people in the world to marry them

I am not sure if you know it or not, but you are incredibly lucky to be marrying these people. Your entire lives are going to change for the better, and I am glad that someone sees just how special they are. They are two of the best people I have ever met in my entire life, and they deserve the best out there.

You really drew lucky cards when you met these people, and I hope that you value them as much as I have. Let them change your life, they are destined to be great. The amount of pride they will bring into your life is worth any bad days, and you will not find anyone with a bigger heart out there. Don't take them for granted.


A proud big sister

Cover Image Credit: Alyssa Beebe

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Once Upon A Time My Sister Was My Rival And Now She's My Best Friend

Siblings: from rivals to best friends

For as long as I can remember, it has been my job to be the annoying little sister. I did the typical little sister things: I bothered her and her friends, I disagreed with her just to get a rise out of her, and I used all of her things without asking.

To say the least, I was a complete hellion to my sister, Marley.

These crazy antics of mine continued through elementary school and into middle school until she went off to college at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

What was I going to do with myself? I no longer had someone to constantly annoy nor was I going to be able to borrow things "without giving them back.”

But most importantly, I no longer had her there to laugh with, watch movies with, or someone to seek advice from.

Whether my sister knew it or not, she was my role model for absolutely everything. Her clothes, her makeup, and how well she did in school. She was everything I aspired to be like.

As the years went by, I became slightly less annoying--only slightly--and all of my antics began to die down. I no longer felt like it was "my job" to be the annoying little sister.

Now that I’m in college, and she has started a new life with her husband and a new job, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve grown incredibly close.

Marley is the first person I tell things about my life, the person I go to for advice, the one I can call when something hilarious happens on Tru TV’s “Impractical Jokers,” or someone to just catch up with on what has been going on in each other's lives.

On November 11, 2017, I gave a speech at Marley’s wedding where I stated: “I care about my sister more than anyone else here today and, being the little sister I am, I will protect her in every way that I can…” That remains true every day.

No matter the circumstances, I would drop everything to help my sister. She may live all the way down in Florida, but I would book the fastest plane to get me down there if she needed me.

We may fight with our siblings and do dumb things just to annoy them, but we will always have their back and grow closer as the years go by.

Simply put, we went from being rivals to best friends.

And to my sister: thank you for being you and for allowing me to grow up with such an amazing role model in my life. I don’t know where I would be without you.

Cover Image Credit: F8 Photography

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