10 Things You Do NOT Say About Someone's Siblings At Rival Football Schools

10 Things You Do NOT Say About Someone's Siblings At Rival Football Schools

We're already trashing the other person's school, we don't need you to join in.

College football rivalries are an age-old tradition and are not taken lightly, especially in the South. When families and rivalries combine, it's hard for fans to know how to respond.

Here are five things NOT to say to someone with a sibling at a rival school.

1. "I guess everyone knows who the favorite child is, now."

Yes, it is now obvious to everyone in the world that the sole reason my parents have finally decided on a favorite child is simply — and only — because I am going to the University of Alabama and my brother goes to Auburn. He is now out of the will and will no longer be an acknowledged member of the family. Honestly? Who thinks this is an acceptable thing to say to someone?

2. "If you didn't get along before, you certainly won't now."

You're right. This was the final straw. I can no longer have a peaceful and loving relationship with my brother because he goes to, dare I say it, Auburn. We all love of good rivalry but really? A rivalry is not going to tear my family apart.

3. "Wow, Thanksgiving must be a real tense holiday for your family."

Oh my god. I thought you were joking. Yeah, instead of taking the time to be, ya know, grateful for my family and the close relationship I have with my brother, we all decided to cut the final thread in what was holding our family together because of the Iron Bowl. Obviously.

4. "We know who the smart kid is."

This is just offensive to multiple parties on multiple accounts. We both have scholarships. We're both majoring in different things. Both of our colleges have high standards with academics. I'm going to need to see a brain map on how you got to this conclusion.

5. "And you still love them?"

Honestly, the fact that I get asked this on a regular basis is so bewildering to me, especially when the person seems serious. We are bound by blood, and have grown up together for over a decade? My love and compassion for them is not going to end just because of a football rivalry, but thanks.

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11 Reasons Why Your Little Sister Is Your Biggest Blessing

She will forever be your go-to Netflix date, your late-night life talk partner, and your absolute best friend.

She's the person you care for with all your heart and sometimes hate passionately. She's the one you misbehave with yet the one who often keeps you in check. You've been there since her day one, and she changed your life forever. She is truly your partner in every crime, your shoulder to cry on when life is too much to handle on your own, and the very best friend you never expected to love this much. She's your little sister, and there are many reasons why she is the best thing that ever happened to you.

1. She makes you want to be a better person.

She's your baby sister, and you want her to grow up to be a genuine and well-respected person, which means you must be that person for her to look up to. She gives you a reason to be better.

2. You were her first friend, and that is a difficult bond to break.

From the day she was born, you were who she latched onto. You were her friend before she knew anyone else, and that makes your relationship unbelievably strong.

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3. She matures you.

You find yourself feeling motherly when it comes to your little sister. Your instinct will always be to protect her, often maturing you beyond your years.

4. She will always keep you young.

Although you want to be a grown-up example in her life, she will always be a reminder to have more fun and to let loose. She also has a better sense of style than you ever did at her age, so pay attention.

5. Your life-long friends have known her almost as long as you have, and they love her too.

You may have been her very first friend, but your friends fell in love with her at a young age as well. You know you've got a pretty great little sister when your friends never fail to hug her upon arrival.

6. She supports your decisions.

This does not mean she will always agree with them, but as your sister, she trusts you to do the right thing.

7. And helps you make the ones that stump you.

She may not have as much life experience as you do, but sometimes this can work to your advantage. She hasn't made as many mistakes as you have, and this can mean she's not afraid to take chances and push you to make scary decisions.

8. Distance is no match for you two.

You could go long periods of time without talking and nothing would change. You'll pick up right where you left off every time, although you prefer to stay in touch consistently.

9. You've become really good at giving advice and looking out for people.

Your little sister will come to you for advice, and you become more and more prepared to give it every time. This experience has also helped you help your friends when they need your input.

10. You will always be needed.

We all want to feel like we are a necessity to someone; we want to feel like we are improving someone's quality of life. While you may find this in other relationships over the years, your little sister will always need you, and it will always be rewarding.

11. She's a constant in your ever-changing life.

People will come and go in your life. Relationships will end and friends will fade, but your sister isn't going anywhere.

The day she was brought home, your sister changed your life dramatically. Maybe you were an only child before she came along, and she stole your thunder for a little while, but you'll forgive her for it. You'll realize that she changed your life for the better. She became your truest friend and your biggest blessing.

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To the little sister I like to call my own

A letter to my younger sister who I love oh so much.


From a young age, I always wanted a younger sister. Years went by, seven years to be exact. I then waited for what seemed to be the longest nine months of my life and as soon as you came, my life instantly changed. When you arrived into this big world, I began to think of you as my own. I was seven years old, carrying you around everywhere, rocking you, playing with you nonstop and taking care of you the best way a seven-year-old knew how. No matter what you did, all I knew is that you were my little sister I had always dreamed of and you made me so happy. Nothing could ever come between the two of us.

The biggest blessing in this journey I call my childhood was that I could watch and remember every moment of you growing up. I can vividly remember those funny moments when you started to talk and the phases you went through as a child. I now also have the gift to help teach you how to drive and have some of those hard conversations you may not want to have with the rents. Although I am in college now, with today's technology distance will never keep us from getting closer. And I PROMISE never to stop bothering you about your life no matter how many times you tell me how embarrassing I am.

As I watch you grow more every year, I get teary-eyed. It is as if your life is a movie I am watching it, but each scene comes faster and faster every time I blink. I can only imagine how this will feel with my children someday. You are genuinely the spitting image of myself, and although I was a much shyer child than you and we do have pretty different personalities, you have taught me so much. You taught me how to laugh when I thought I couldn't, love unconditionally, and to live freely. I hope as the years come and you grow older; I teach you just as many things as well.

I hope to someday travel the world with you and show you all of my favorite places. To help you move into your first college dorm and answer the phone late at night when you are homesick just like I was. I hope to be there to comfort you when you have your first heartbreak and to give you advice on how to deal with the inevitable mean girls. I look ahead and think of all the crucial moments we will have together and I cannot wait.

When you are the maid of honor at my wedding or when you graduate from high school, I dream of these times. After all, is said and done, there is one thing I know for sure. I would not trade that for the world; I would give ANYTHING to be your big sister in any life. Thank you for being not only my sister but my best friend, the one who never ceases to put a smile on my face. I promise to always stick by your side and help you through whatever comes your way. I love you as more than just a sister; I love you as a sister, a caregiver and as a person who adores you more than you know. I will love you forever.

Love always,

Your Big (embarrassing but loving) Sister

Cover Image Credit:

Abigail Merritt

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