College football rivalries are an age-old tradition and are not taken lightly, especially in the South. When families and rivalries combine, it's hard for fans to know how to respond.

Here are five things NOT to say to someone with a sibling at a rival school.

1. "I guess everyone knows who the favorite child is, now."

Yes, it is now obvious to everyone in the world that the sole reason my parents have finally decided on a favorite child is simply — and only — because I am going to the University of Alabama and my brother goes to Auburn. He is now out of the will and will no longer be an acknowledged member of the family. Honestly? Who thinks this is an acceptable thing to say to someone?

2. "If you didn't get along before, you certainly won't now."

You're right. This was the final straw. I can no longer have a peaceful and loving relationship with my brother because he goes to, dare I say it, Auburn. We all love of good rivalry but really? A rivalry is not going to tear my family apart.

3. "Wow, Thanksgiving must be a real tense holiday for your family."

Oh my god. I thought you were joking. Yeah, instead of taking the time to be, ya know, grateful for my family and the close relationship I have with my brother, we all decided to cut the final thread in what was holding our family together because of the Iron Bowl. Obviously.

4. "We know who the smart kid is."

This is just offensive to multiple parties on multiple accounts. We both have scholarships. We're both majoring in different things. Both of our colleges have high standards with academics. I'm going to need to see a brain map on how you got to this conclusion.

5. "And you still love them?"

Honestly, the fact that I get asked this on a regular basis is so bewildering to me, especially when the person seems serious. We are bound by blood, and have grown up together for over a decade? My love and compassion for them is not going to end just because of a football rivalry, but thanks.