I Do Not Like Taylor Swift And I Am Not Sorry

I Do Not Like Taylor Swift And I Am Not Sorry

One influential person can hurt a whole generation of girls.

Taylor Swift is not news. She is the epitome of our culture's downward societal influences. It only makes sense, however, that someone so famous to 13-year-old girls would have so much influence on what they wear, who they hang out with, and the future goals they form based on listening to her music.

Taylor was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Nashville, TN when she was 14 to pursue a music career. Her path to stardom has been nothing but easy compared to comparable artists such as Demi Lovato who has overcome addiction and Miley Cyrus who has found herself through so many experiences. I am not saying she hasn't held her own burdens because, let's face it, we all have been in the mud.

In light of her recent groping debacle, that resulted in a $1 fine for the DJ, she has put herself in the spotlight to raise awareness of sexual assault. Many artists have taken to this platform recently, such as Lady Gaga and Kesha. While I am a firm supporter of sexual assault awareness, people like Taylor Swift changed how people not only view sexual assault, but the survivors.

I have heard many people talk about how she is "being a baby" and that sexual assault is not justified if it is only a "butt grab." This, in turn, allows people to view all sexual assault as minor, when it is in fact very major.

Aside from her recent news, I still believe Taylor Swift is a part of reason our generation is still having issues with body positivity and cliques. By making a posse of 6 foot, thin, exclusive A-listers, Taylor created this idea that it is okay to close yourself off from other people who are unlike herself. For middle school girls, just trying to figure out how friendships work and how mean girls can be, Taylor's great influence does not emulate her famous song "Mean" for those finding themselves.

While her music does have great popularity and a catchy beat, of which I am guilty of singing "Bad Blood" in the car, I think that her influence in society is way to influential to allow the upcoming generation of girls to subject themselves to thinking the only way to be cool and have a voice is to surround yourself with people just like yourself. The fact of the matter is that Taylor Swift and her brand is what is holding back our society and generation from striving and making changes to be more open and engaging with our fellow people.

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Poetry On The Odyssey: It's a Girl

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