I Know College Will Be Difficult, But I'm Still Excited About It

You all had your chance. Your chance to be seniors, your chance to graduate, and your chance to be excited. Now it's our turn and every time we turn around all we hear is "college isn't all it's cracked up to be" or some form of a knock against how happy we are to be moving on to bigger, better things just because the next level is more difficult than the last.

Give us the same chance to cover the school in obnoxious countdowns as we near our last day. Let us post our senior pictures once a week because we are THAT much closer to walking in our very own graduation. Most importantly, don't burst our bubble. Don't talk down about the fact that we are finally in your shoes and are ecstatic about it.

Believe me, we understand college is a LOT of work. In fact, we have already started stressing about it and we are all still only little high school seniors. Between scheduling classes, going to auditions, finding roommates and suitemates, or finding a dorm, we realize college will not be easy. But we also understand that college will allow us to explore ourselves and what lies beyond our hometowns. To meet new people from different states rather than being surrounded by the same classmates we have had since elementary school.

I know I know, you are all just looking out for us, right? It is not that we don't want your help, or that we don't appreciate the warning, but put yourself back in this position. Your final days of high school were spent exactly like ours: picturing college. All the new experiences, people, and professors. The challenges and the memories. You were all just as excited as we are, so what gives you the right to try to bring us down about being excited?

We will not ignore your comments. They will stick with us in the back of our minds from the moment you tell us until the moment we start our first day of actual college classes. But, we also will not openly accept them. As much as we want to, these small comments will seem to not even phase us.

I promise we will want the help. Eventually, we will think back to what you said and agree that you were right, but until then, be happy. Be happy that we made it this far. Be happy that we are so close to graduation we can see it. Be happy that one day most of us will be college freshmen trying to make something of ourselves. Celebrate! Help us enjoy what is left of our high school careers and embrace one another while we are all still together.

But please, by any and all means necessary, DO NOT burst our bubbles.

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