There are beginnings and there are endings.

And, in between them, there's happiness, loneliness, love, laughter, tears, anger, and ecstasy. What happens after the ending varies for everybody because no two people handle life the same way.

When the ending comes for me, I do not handle it with grace. I'm usually distraught because I love everything in between. I love the ups and the downs. I love laughing so hard that my stomach hurts. I love the intensity of a disagreement because it means there's something worth fighting for.

Clearly, I'm an emotional person. But I shouldn't apologize for it. No one should. No one should be ashamed to have feelings. If something comes to an end, you do not have to automatically be OK with it. It's good to process the day's events, and if they make you cry, make you laugh, or make you scream, so be it. Your feelings will not go away if you act heartless or careless.

When I was growing up, somewhere along the way, it became a trend to not care: not care about your feelings, not care what other people think, or not care about others too much. The concept was that if you care, it'll hurt. Yes, this may be true, but it'll hurt more if you act like you don't care. It'll hurt more if you suppress your feelings. If you feel deeply, your heart will ache some days, but you will come back stronger in the long run.

Far too often, I apologize for crying. Far too often, a friend apologizes for being happy because another friend is feeling upset. Far too often, we apologize for our emotions because somewhere along the way, we've been taught that our feelings are a burden: a burden on ourselves as well as others. But they're not. Our feelings are valid.

The end of a beautiful day, an awe-inspiring book, an ideal relationship... these endings are difficult to grasp, at least for me. So when you turn off your light, turn the last page, or say your goodbyes, let the tears roll down your cheeks. Let the truth of everything sink in. This is when you're vulnerable, but this is when you're more human than ever. Some endings are permanent, while others are not, but in your heart know that more beginnings will always come your way.