As March quickly approaches, there is ONE thing on everyone’s minds, SPRING BREAK. The beaches will soon be full of drunk college kids, and bad decisions. You might even just be going on a nice family vacation, but almost always before that time comes, many people are anxious about getting a Jennifer Aniston or Zac Efron type body.

The primary motivator is SPRING BREAK, and duh who doesn’t want to look their absolute best while chugging multiple kinds of alcohol. That’s the problem though, your motivation and drive shouldn’t just be because you might see your ex Tom in Fort Lauderdale, or you want 28,947 Instagram likes.

I mean yeah, Spring Break could be one of the reasons why you drag yourself out of bed to go run 5 miles, there is nothing wrong with that. Your true inspiration though should come from you personally wanting to better yourself. Don’t just look good that one week out of the year, make it a year-round goal to be healthy.

The incentive needs to be that you going to put in work at the gym is improving your overall health, mind, and body. You are sweating profusely and almost passing out on the StairMaster only for YOU, and nobody else.

This goes not only about you going to the gym, it goes for what you put in your mouth too. As you order that salad and soup, instead of a large BigMac, with extra fries and a coke, know that your cholesterol thanks you. With you eating better and putting more vegetables in your body instead of Papa John’s pizza and breadsticks (the best) is going to help you out so much in the long run. Don’t do it to just show yourself off during that one-week celebration, do it to show yourself off for the next many years of your life as well.

Not just with spring break coming up, there are lots of other reasons why people choose to turn their lives around and that is always great, as long as your main focus is you making yourself better.

Self-care should always be a priority in your daily to-do list. So, don’t make spring break, or anything else ever your major motive. Do those 50 squats and get a Kim Kardashian a** for YOU. Eat that gross but, healthy sub with kale for YOU.