Feminism, a word that has unfortunately become associated with women’s superiority, when all it calls for is women’s equality. In order for feminism to prosper we have to erase this false stigma, and true feminist ideals do that. The main idea that has to be disassociated from feminism is that to be a feminist one has to hate men. This idea directly contradicts the ideas of feminism. Feminism calls for equality, and equality for all. The definition of equality is “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunities” according to the New Oxford American Dictionary.

In order for equality to reign men do not have to be pushed down, women have to be brought to equal status as men. But, lowering another’s status goes against equality, and therefore goes against feminism.

I’m sure some people will be shocked to hear this, but if you believe that women and men are equal, you are a feminist. If you believe that your wife, or girlfriend, or daughter, or sister, or friend, or any female you know deserves the right to take the same classes, get the same jobs, and be treated how men are; then you are a feminist.

Feminism has become associated with a hateful act, but in reality, feminism is a battle for respect. As a feminist, and as a woman, I don’t hate men. I respect men. I respect men who care about others, who work to be sensitive and loving people, who worry and help the people in their lives, and who also believe in equality. Those are the men I like, but those are also the females that I like, in reality those are the people that I like. As a feminist, I don’t have a different standard for men, and I certainly don’t hate them; because how could I be pushing for equality when being unequal to another gender.

Feminism calls for nothing more, and nothing less, than equality for women. That includes all those who identify as women, and all those who are fighting for the natural right they should have been given at birth. Today’s world is not equal, and to make it as equal as our beautiful Earth deserves to be we need every gender, even more we need every person, to understand what true equality is and to fight for it. the way boys are pushed to reach their full potential, in all the same fields.

Feminism simply calls for equality. It calls for the equality of a 50- 50 men and women class. It calls for a woman to have to have the same qualifications as her male peer for a job, not more. It calls for us not to be surprised when a female becomes a successful mathematician or surgeon. But it never calls for us to look down on the successful male engineers and surgeons. It calls for us to celebrate their success. It calls for us to cheer them on, and it calls for them to cheer us on. To tackle the battle of equality with love only, never hate.