Why All College Students Should Lift Weights

Why All College Students Should Lift Weights

"Do you even lift?"

A few reasons why starting to lift weights was the best decision I made in 2016:

1. Strength

Stairs become easier. Backpacks feel lighter. And if you are physically strong, you will also be mentally strong. Win - win.

2. Stress relief

***For a college student, this is everything.***

3. Results

Spring break is quickly approaching, which means it will soon be bathing suit season. Best way to get that beach bod = lifting.

4. Longevity

Lifting can contribute to a longer life. With the stress of college constantly taking years off of our lives, we could use all of the extra help we can get.

5. Sleep

Lifting weights actually helps you sleep when you are having trouble. All college students know that sleep is truly a gift, especially when you mess up your sleep schedule so badly that going to bed before 3 am feels wrong (whoops).

6. Energy

Despite the potential misconception that lifting weights would drain you of your energy, it actually boosts your energy levels, so you can do more in a day (because 24 hours is never enough).

7. And finally, "Do you even lift?"

"Yes, actually. I do." *cue the confusion and astonishment at a genuine response to their trolling*

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Stop Listening To What Others Say About Sex, Just Make Your Decision And Stick With It

Honestly, there isn't even a "right" or "wrong" time to have sex anymore.

Today's culture is different from any other. The influences around us are numerous, from fashion trends to music, the reality stars, and the explosion of social media, among many other things. One thing that has been directly affected is the way we view sexuality.

The daily debate on social media, group chats, and news always seem to be a topic of heated conversations.

When should you start having sex?

Is it really that bad to wait until marriage before having intercourse? Is there a right answer, or not? Let's dive into this topic a little bit.

There is no denying that it seems like everyone is having sex. From middle-aged kids to adults, sex seems to have become a trend, even though it's been around forever. Sexual interaction has obvious consequences and they're all being brought to light. You're seeing high rates of pregnancy. STDs, unfortunately, are being passed around because of the lack of safety during sex. The social aspect is especially magnified thanks to the speed at which news travels. Celebrities' personal lives are being brought to light and have led us, the fans, to debate about what happened and what the outcome should be?

Sex is natural. Most people in their adolescent years will experiment with it, some with different partners. However, not everyone has a crazy desire to engage in sexual activity with just anyone, because they want to wait until marriage. It's completely fine to feel that way, and it's actually applauded when it comes to having sex.

But again, most people will experiment with sex simply because it's in our nature. Should they be judged differently? Should we frown upon waiting until we're married to "knock the boots"?

To put it simply, there is a slightly negative perception to those who have sex regularly, meaning it's more of a hobby.

It's easy to look at them and jump to conclusions. Likewise, we tease and ridicule the kids who wait, calling them things like "scary". Who's to say promiscuity is better than a monogamous relationship in terms of sex. That's like saying person A who has a wife/husband is better than person B who exhausts her resources and explores their sexual boundaries. It's not true, but again not everyone accepts these views and that's okay.

I think what people are worried about the most is their image.

Everyone wants to be viewed in a positive way by their peers and the outside world. Even the most introverted people would like to be seen as positive people. It's a shame in our society that there is a double standard when it comes to judging the willingness people have to have sex. Men aren't looked down upon as women are for the same things.

Women are put down and viewed in a negative light if they have multiple sex partners. However, we promote men who have multiple sex partners without hesitation. It's unfair and contributes heavily to the debate on whether you should wait to have sex or explore what's out there.

Some girls may actually want to engage in sexual activities with a guy, but she's afraid of the consequences.

She wouldn't want to compromise her morals, and she doesn't want to be the topic of conversation amongst her peers because of it.

She doesn't even know if the guy is worth it.

Guys face a similar dilemma despite what many people think. In a similar situation, a guy can be ridiculed and in a way looked at differently if he has multiple sex partners. Your maturity comes into question, women spread your name around, you become the same thing to all women--that's negative.

If you're comfortable with your decision regarding your sexual decisions, that's all that matters.

Each one has its consequences, but it's your body and your life. I would say in any situation, be safe and make good decisions. That's all we can hope for these days. Don't judge by what you see, judge by what you know. Everyone has their own opinion. Sex is right when you determine it's right for you.

Cover Image Credit: @couplegoals

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Why Do We All Seek Happiness Outside But Not Within Ourselves?

Self-Love is all about finding love for yourself based on your own judgement and no one else's.

When the emotions you hold so dear to yourself are not reciprocated and left unseen by the world, you are disappointed, you feel foolish because you were too gullible. The rest of the days are spent brainstorming and trying to find a solution to this miserable soul inside of you. When you wake up in the morning, instead of first putting on some clothes, you put on a facade of protection, a facade of joy, a facade of indifference because you feel a need to blend in, blend in to a society that teaches you to be compassionate but does not practice what it preaches.

Now, I can proceed to blame it all on society and complain about how it is not what it seems to be or I can try to change how I look at it. This change can be quite simple and does not need to be revolutionary. However, as effortless as it may sound, it is one of the most challenging tasks known to man and that is channeling what you wish to see in the society towards yourself. In simple terms, changing yourself before you wish to see transformation around you. If you wish to see more compassion out there, you need to discover compassion in yourself or in simple terms you have to ‘love yourself’.

Although I have probably heard this a million times throughout my life, it is very recently that I have actually realized and started practicing the value of ‘self love’. Once this is brought to practice, the results that follow are revitalizing and transformative. Yes, those are some big words and that is because the change it brings about, influences your life and mental health greatly. As humans, we are constantly seeking acceptance and validation from others as a fuel to our happiness. When the fuel left in you runs out, the happiness level starts to drain and so does your mental health. Validation and reciprocation become drugs that you become addicted to and when those are out of reach, withdrawal symptoms take over your emotions, your overall well-being.

True happiness, as they call it comes from within, it is not something external. ‘Internal happiness’ here, can be seen as a synonym for self-love, a synonym for self-respect. Whenever one is disappointed or angry or even happy, the cause of it should be identified, the cause should not be something that comes from the outside but something that arises from the inside.

I have mentioned this before in some other writings of mine, that just because I write about or preach about something, does not necessarily mean I have got it all figured out. I am just like you who is constantly experiencing something new and realizing something that I feel the need to share. The way I am trying to practice what I believe in is by diligently reminding myself whenever someone inflicts pain upon me that if I am feeling the way I am feeling, it is because I let it happen, I let the person or experience have an effect on me and that power should reside in your hands and no one else’s.

Self-love, as I would like to interpret it, is holding yourself accountable for your own feelings and making yourself independent both emotionally and mentally. Amidst all the reminders that we set for ourselves, we should set one that makes us realize that there is no other person in this world who has the potential to love you as much as you can love yourself and probably at the end of the day that’s all that you might need.

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha on Unsplash

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