The 'Mini' Emergency Kit You Actually Need

The 'Mini' Emergency Kit You Actually Need

Hint: it's not the one in the cover picture

You’ve probably seen those mini emergency kits at like Fireworks and Bed Bath and Beyond that are really cute and tiny and such a good idea right? Well I don’t not agree, but I have two concerns: 1) I have heard that getting everything back into that tiny bag is basically a tedious game of Tetris and 2) Once you’ve used something, it’s a onetime done deal/use of a product, so shouldn’t you replace it? But it’s such a tiny bag…

That’s why I prefer to make my own 'mini' emergency kit. Over the years, I have learned what is a must to have when building your emergency kit. Most of us have a main bag or backpack that we like to use on a day to day basis that already has our normal stuff in it. I like to keep my emergency kit to be not any bigger than an average pencil pouch so I can easily move it from bag to bag (for example my school backpack to my night-out type bag). Here’s what you need:

1. The actual bag

Pencil pouches, small makeup bags, those bags you get from Bath and Body Works gift sets, etc. Those will work.

2. A pocket knife

I’m serious; this thing is so handy for everybody. Even if it is as simple as a pocket knife with only 3 tools, you might only use those 3 tools anyways. The most used tools on mine are the knife, the scissors and the nail file. Have a loose thread you need to cut? Need to cut some tags off of something (the ones you can’t just pull off)? Is that chipped nail driving you crazy?

3. Bands Aids/Mini medical kit

This one should be self-explanatory. I at least keep a couple of band aids in my kit and sometimes single-packaged disinfecting/alcohol wipes when I can get my hands on some free ones.

4. Medical tape

This one I cannot stress enough. We all have a pair of shoes that cause blisters. Most people turn to band aids for this, but within a couple of hours, they usually fall off or rub off. Trust me on this: use medical tape for places that will get blisters. Medical tape is meant to stay on the skin and it will stay in place until you rip it off. I also use it to cover irritating bra-strap adjusters and to keep busted wire from piercing into my chest on the fly.

5. Ibuprofen

There will always be a time when you need this or a friend will ask you if you have any (shout out to the common cramps and headaches!). There are plenty of places that carry travel sized or even emergency kit sized Advil (or any other brand of Ibuprofen you prefer) packets/containers that you can refill once they’re empty. As someone who gets frequent headaches, I almost never leave the house without some.

6. Lip Balm

Because who loves the feeling of chapped and cracked lips?

7. Tampons/Sanitary pads:

This is for everyone as well, vagina or not. Help a homie out when Mother Nature comes to ruin someone’s underwear, even if it’s not yours.

8. A small tin of bobby pins, paper clips and safety pins:

You have no idea how many times someone has asked for a bobby pin and I just happen to save the day. I also keep paper clips and safety pins for clothing/fashion “emergencies”.

9. (optional) Hand Lotion:

As someone who has chronically dry hands that are always cracked during the winter, I always keep a sample-sized tube/container of hand moisturizer in my kit. The samples I have are made to relieve the irritation or itchiness of chronically dry skin, so I try to only use it when my hands are itchy or burning (due to the dryness).

As you may be able to tell, the "optional" ones are more catered to me and my needs. I highly encourage you to do the same and fill your emergency kit with things that you know are essential to carry around with you (for example an inhaler, EpiPen, eyedrops, etc.).

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You, the girl with a heart full of love and no place big enough to store it all.


Our generation is so caught up in this notion that it's "cool" not to care about anything or anyone. I know you've tried to do just that.

I'm sure there was a brief moment where you genuinely believed you were capable of not caring, especially since you convinced everyone around you that you didn't. But that just isn't true, is it? Don't be ashamed of this, don't let anyone ridicule you for having emotions.

After everything life has put you through, you have still remained soft.

This is what makes you, you. This is what makes you beautiful. You care so deeply and love so boldly and it is incredible, never let the world take this from you.

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You are the girl who will give and give and give until you have absolutely nothing left. Some may see this as a weakness, an inconvenience, the perfect excuse to walk all over you. I know you try to make sense of it all, why someone you cared so much about would treat you the way they did.

You'll make excuses for them, rationalize it and turn it all around on yourself.

You'll tell yourself that maybe just maybe they will change even though you know deep down they won't. You gave them everything you had and it still feels as if they took it all and ran. When this happens, remind yourself that you are not a reflection of those who cannot love you. The way that people treat you does not define who you are. Tell yourself this every day, over and over until it sticks. Remind yourself that you are gold, darling, and sometimes they will prefer silver and that is OK.

I know you feel guilty when you have to say no to something, I know you feel like you are letting everyone you love down when you do. Listen to me, it is not your responsibility to tend to everyone else's feelings all the time. By all means, treat their feelings with care, but remember it is not the end of the world when you cannot help them right away.

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With all of this, please remember that you matter. Do not be afraid to take a step back and focus on yourself. You owe yourself the same kind of love and patience and kindness and everything that you have given everyone else. It is OK to think about and put yourself first. Do not feel guilty for taking care of yourself. You are so incredibly loved even when it doesn't feel like it, please always remember that. You cannot fill others up when your own cup is empty. Take care of yourself.

Cover Image Credit: Charcoal Alley

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Smiling Is The Greatest Medicine

And it's free.


Have you ever had a bad day where everything just seems like it's going wrong? Then one of your friends texts you a picture of a dog covered in spaghetti and even though you're on the bus, you smile and chuckle. That is the best feeling to get from another person. I love when someone does something or says something funny and it just makes you smile and realize that today really isn't that bad. If you smiled or laughed after reading "a dog covered in spaghetti," then I gave you a dose of the best medicine you can receive besides love, smiling and laughter.

I want you to think about today or yesterday or the past couple days, has anyone gone out of their way to make you laugh or smile? If they have, you should definitely keep them around, unless they were creepy then maybe don't keep them around. Have you ever just randomly smiled at someone and it made you feel better and knew it made them feel better? That's you sharing the wonderful thing called happiness. Happiness can be shared between anyone you know and anyone you meet.

Sharing a smile with someone can actually do more than you think. It can remind someone that they are important and needed. It can make someone who is having a terrible day realizes that it gets better. You might be helping more people than you know. Just by talking to someone can make someone smile because it makes them realize that they matter to you regardless you know them or not. You can make someone smile by telling a joke or a story or just waving hello to them.

I think that it can be difficult for us sometimes to share our emotions because we usually think that if we smile at someone that it means we like them. You are very capable of smiling at someone without having a crush on them. If you see someone you might know, you are allowed to smile at them without it being weird. If you were to smile at someone that you barely know, it is perfectly fine is they are holding the door for you or let you cross, but don't be weird. If you were to smile at someone and didn't know them and you didn't have a reason to, that might be kind of creepy.

I think that smiling is the best thing you can do for someone because it can mean so much even though it's so small. It can change a life and save a life. It can make someone feel like they are important and needed in this world. Smiling is one of the greatest things you can do for a person and it is also one of the easiest thing you can do. By smiling, you can make yourself feel better and others feel better too. Smile is wonderful and you should try and smile every day.

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