23 Diverse Models Who Transcend The Blonde-Hair, Blue-Eyed, Skinny Supermodel Stereotype
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23 Diverse Models Who Transcend The Blonde-Hair, Blue-Eyed, Skinny Supermodel Stereotype

True representation is finally here.

23 Diverse Models Who Transcend The Blonde-Hair, Blue-Eyed, Skinny Supermodel Stereotype
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The modeling industry is slowly embracing a collection of more diverse and different models. Models of color, models that aren’t all size zero, models with disorders or illnesses, models that are part of the LGBTQ community – we finally feel like we are being represented. And here are 23 up-and-coming models that are part of the most diverse group we’ve ever seen.

1. Anok Yai

Instagram: anokyai

2. Shanelle Nyasiase

Instagram: shanellenyasiase

3. Teddy Quinlivan

Instagram: teddy_quinlivan

4. Geena Rocero

Instagram: geenarocero

5. HoYeon Jung

Instagram: hoooooyeony

6. Lily Nova

Instagram: lilynova97

7. Nora Attal

Instagram: noraattal

8. Xie Chaoyu

Instagram: xie.chaoyu

9. FeiFei Sun

Instagram: feifeisun

10. Cara Delevigne

Instagram: caradelevingne

11. Ashley Graham

Instagram: theashleygraham

12. Maye Musk

Instagram: mayemusk

13. Liu Wen

Instagram: liuwenlw

14. Chu Wong

Instagram: _chuwong

15. Blésnya Minher

Instagram: blesnyaminher

16. Halima Aden

Instagram: halima

17. Hanne Gaby Odiele

Instagram: hannegabysees

18. Melanie Gaydos

Instagram: melaniegaydos

19. Andreja Pejic

Instagram: andrejapejic

20. Winnie Harlow

Instagram: winnieharlow

21. Tess Holliday

Instagram: tessholliday

22. Diandra Forrest

Instagram: diandraforrest

23. Madeline Stuart

Instagram: madelinesmodelling_

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