Introducing 'Ditch New Year's Resolution' Day

A new year ripe with all the possibilities of turning over a new leaf is upon us — as is the chance to pivot away from reaching new goals completely. If relishing in rejecting goal achievement is your jam, then Ditch New Year's Resolution Day, celebrated annually on Jan. 17, is undoubtedly the holiday for you.

From binging on your favorite snacks to resolving to not leave your comfy couch for a full 24 hours, there are a few things you can commit to on Ditch New Year's Resolution Day other than your actual resolutions.

Binge on your fave junk food

Eating healthier is usually on the top of the New Year's Resolution list. Maybe you've pinned new recipes from Pinterest to try for weekend meal prep efforts, or have starting researching all about going keto.

But what if you could, instead, throw all that out the window and opt for something else? In honor of Ditch New Year's Resolution Day, get all your favorite snacks, the unhealthier the better, to graze on all day. Indulge to your heart's content with zero qualms.

Stay on the couch all day long

Did you get a new Fit-bit for Christmas? Suddenly getting your steps in and obsessing about being active is at the forefront of your mind. And unfortunately for your friends, often at the forefront of your conversations.

This January 17th, take a breather and stay on the couch day. Build a nest of comfort with fluffy blankets and pillows, dress in sweats and a hair bun, and stock up on snacks for a day of Netflix binging. It's your day to do nothing at all.

Drink plenty of wine or champagne

After a stressful finals seasons and a week or two of holiday vacation, your liver may be begging you to take a break from drinking. And, of course, it's a good idea to slow your roll - especially after such an alcohol-ladened season.

But don't let that mentality stop yours from relaxation. This Ditch Your New Year's Resolution Day, pop a bottle of bubbly at brunch or have a nice wine and pasta dinner with friends. There's no reason to stop all enjoyment from life - the key is moderation.

Waste time on social media

Yeah, we know, we spend too much time scrolling through our phones. While many are looking forward to limiting their time on social media, hunting for likes and commenting on dog pictures, social media is a great part of our culture that we can't afford to lose.

In the spirit of protecting our right to document every meal, spend a few hours on your phone. Watch every Instagram story, reply to every snap. How else will you be able to show your family and friends how much fun you're having following all of your Resolutions so far?

Not feel guilty about ditching out on resolutions this year.

Each new calendar year is a chance to start over. There's a constant pressure to improve yourself every January, and it can be overwhelming.

As cheeky as Ditch New Year's Resolution Day is as a holiday, it's a reminder to not take ourselves so seriously and to leave room for mistakes and floundering. New Year's Resolutions are great for helping us decide what works for us and what doesn't. And although they are fun to break, they're also great tools to use to great a better you.

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