I have had a very strong opinion on people who choose to go on their phones while driving. Unfortunately, I have heard and have gone through too many, "almost" situations, because someone else is not paying attention.

I'm young. I get it! It is the era of the cell phone, people are always connected, and time is quick. We live in a fast-paced society. What I don't get, is why my life is less important than your phone call, text, snap, e-mail (whatever it may be)!

It's ridiculous that I cannot back out of a parking lot, without worrying that someone else is going to ram right into the back of my car. That very same person that I see later, is completely looking DOWN!

TELL ME! How do you drive, and look both ways, while looking down? Must be some superpower.

This situation is serious and very underlooked. We just push it aside as something that "just happens." It happens every day! There are other causes of distracted driving, but this is one of the top reasons people get hurt!

Pull over or don't start driving, until you answer those important things if they truly are that important!

Maybe you have a long drive? Listen to music or a podcast, anything to keep you off of the SCREEN!

Just to put this into perspective: I once gave a presentation on the usage of one of the many social media apps while driving. A full room of people (of mixed ages), given the exception of 1 or 2, raised their hands when we asked if they have ever used their phones and specifically SnapChat while driving!

We have warnings and precautions, so the apps are not to blame! It's the people who cannot seem to put their phones away.

It's just scary! The roads are already dangerous enough, we don't need to have people die or get hurt or even scratched, because of this unethical NEED to constantly be on the phone.

Put it away! You can use it for music, sure! But, don't be on it!

I see it every day, where the person behind me isn't paying attention, the person next to me isn't paying attention, and the person in front of me isn't paying attention! Do you want to be in that situation, where you are the ONLY ONE paying attention?!

I hope this speaks a million words and that the next time you get into a car, you stay off the phone!