13 Of Disney's Best Movies

13 Of Disney's Best Movies

At least, in my opinion.

Growing up, Disney made the best kid movies, and honestly? They still do. I have a way too many movies in my mind that made up my childhood, so I need to put them down in words. So here it is:


If there's one movie that motivates me, it's "Hercules". It has great music, is an inspiring story, and has to deal with something I enjoy very much: Greek mythology. He's a zero to hero, just like that.

2. "Lilo and Stitch"

The entire "Lilo and Stitch" series is amazing, the humor making children and adults laugh.

3. "Cinderella"

A wonderful classic that made me fall in love with Disney as a child.

4. "Beauty and the Beast"

A tale as old as time comes to life with this magical piece about love, discovery, and being true to yourself.

5. "Moana"

One of Disney's newest movies, Moana makes people realize that even though something may seem out of reach, it really isn't. Plus, not all Disney movies are about princesses and princes.

6. "Frozen"

A telling story about how love between a man and a woman is the only love there is. All love shares the same passion, just in different ways.

7. "Peter Pan"

Here we goooo! "Peter Pan" is another classic Disney movie that makes children want to stay young forever, even though we know it isn't possible.

8. "Mulan"

Let's get down to business: "Mulan" is a trying story of a female who pretends to be a male. Perhaps it is Disney's most 'taboo' classic movie.

9. "Alice in Wonderland"

I love this movie, but the Cheshire cats grin makes me uncomfortable.

10. "Mary Poppins"

Just a spoonful of sugar helps you watch this movie. One of the first movies to include animation and real life people, "Mary Poppins" is a must see.

11. "Lady and the Tramp"

I mean, who doesn't love dogs? And spaghetti?

12. "Bambi"

A movie that will surely bring tears to your eyes, Bambi reminds me that family isn't just blood.

13. "Sleeping Beauty"

Okay, but I am a sleeping beauty.

That's all, folks.

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After 'Extremely Wicked' And 'The Stranger Beside Me,' We Now Understand The Criminal Mind Of Ted Bundy

1 hour and 50 minutes, plus 550 pages later.


Netflix recently released a movie in May called "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile" (2019), based on the life of Ted Bundy from his girlfriend's viewpoint.

In 1980, an author and former Seattle police officer, Ann Rule, published a book about her experience and personal, close friendship with Ted Bundy, called "The Stranger Beside Me."

These two sources together create an explosion of important information we either skim over or ignore about Ted Bundy. Watching this movie and reading this book can really open your eyes to who Ted Bundy really was. Yeah, there are the confession tapes on Netflix, too, but these other things can really tie it all into one big masterpiece of destruction.

I swear, it will blow your mind in different ways you never thought possible.

In the movie, "Extremely Wicked", Zac Efron stars as the infamous Ted Bundy, America's most notorious serial killer. He portrayed the murderer who kidnapped, killed, and raped 30 women or more. Personally, he made a great Ted Bundy, mannerisms and all. Lily Collins stars as Ted's girlfriend who was easily manipulated by Ted and believed that he was innocent for years.

The movie is told in the order that Liz, Ted's girlfriend, remembers.

In the book, "The Stranger Beside Me", Ann Rule writes about Ted Bundy, who used to be her old friend. They met while working at a crisis center in the state of Washington and were close ever since. Like Liz, Ann believed he was innocent and that he was incapable of these horrific crimes.

Ted Bundy had made both Liz and Ann fools. He easily manipulated and lied to both women about many things for years, his murders being "one" of them.

Okay, so we all know that Ted Bundy was absolutely guilty as hell and totally murdered those women. 30 women or more. He literally confessed to that, but researchers and authorities believe that number to be way higher.

But... you must know that the movie and the book tell two different stories that lead to the same ending. That's why it's so intriguing.

At one point, I couldn't stop watching the movie. Then, I bought Ann Rule's book and was completely attached to it. I couldn't put it down.

For me, Ted Bundy is interesting to me. Unlike most young girls today, I don't have a thing for him nor do I think he's cute or hot. I know that he used his charm and looks to lure women into his murderous trap. That's why it's so hard to understand why this movie and book created a new generation of women "falling in love" with Ted Bundy.

GROSS: He sodomized women with objects. He bludgeoned women with objects or his own hands. He was a necrophile. Look those up if you have not a clue of what they mean. That could change your mind about your own feelings for Ted Bundy.

After "Extremely Wicked" and "The Stranger Beside Me", I now understand the criminal mind of Ted Bundy. He was insane, but he was also smart, put together, educated, charming, and lots more. That's why I'm so interested in why his brain was the way it was.

The criminal mind is an interesting topic for me anyway, but for Ted Bundy, it was amazing to learn about.

I highly recommend both the movie and the book I quickly read in two weeks! If you want answers, they are there.

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