4 Differences Between Disneyland & Disney World That Prove Which Park Is Better

4 Differences Between Disneyland & Disney World That Prove Which Park Is Better

It's time to decide which is the winner of all things Disney.

As one of those kids who grew up on VHS tapes of "Cinderella," "Toy Story," "The Lion King" and more. I was basically conditioned to be a Disney super fan. With that being said, I have visited both parks throughout my childhood and into my teenage years and I am here to break down the pros and cons of both parks.

Disneyland, the first park to be built and opened to the public in 1955, includes the Magic Kingdom and California Adventure. Disney World, on the other hand, includes four main theme parks: The Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and the Animal Kingdom. While Disneyworld and Disneyland share the same theme park, the Magic Kingdom in common, they do have some differences.

1. Magic Kingdom Castles

Magic Kingdom in DL can be best described as a smaller yet refreshing version of the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. It features the Sleeping Beauty castle, which includes a beautiful walk through of the Sleeping Beauty story which is a fun interactive feature for park visitors. Disneyworld, on the other hand, features a much larger castle design of Cinderella’s castle. It does offer some special perks such as dining with the princesses inside the castle, but for day to day park visitors, it is closed off.

This isn’t necessarily a problem but most of the times I’ve been to the Magic Kingdom I couldn’t even get remotely near the castle because of construction. However, there is just something so magical about seeing that huge castle once you enter the park that makes it take the win in this category.

2. Magic Kingdom Rides

As for the actual rides, both parks have unique attractions that distinguish their parks from each other. For an example, Disneyworld has Matterhorn Bobsleds, Tarzan’s Treehouse, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Indiana Jones Adventure, Storybook Land Canals, and more. Disneyworld, on the other hand, has rides such as Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, Stitch’s Great Escape, Magic Carpets of Aladdin and more. What I personally like about Disneyland is their décor for their rides. Rides such as It’s a Small World which is pictured above has such a beautiful entrance that appeal more to the eye. However, I like the rides as a whole at Disneyworld better.

3. Magic Kingdom Parades

For the daytime parades, both parks offer different parades that feature festive tunes and beautiful floats. Disneyland has Mickey’s Soundsational Parade whereas Disneyworld has Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade and Move It! Shake it! Dance and Play it! Street Party. As for nighttime parades, DL Magic Kingdom has Paint the Night, a colorful nighttime parade, a crowd favorite.

However, there are no nighttime parades currently at the WDW Magic Kingdom which is quite disappointing. Since the Magic Kingdom opened in Florida, it has not gone this long without a nighttime parade, over 5 months, and as a kid, I always remember going to the Electrical parade and hearing the catchy song play through the speakers along Main Street.

Hopefully, they start up a new parade soon as nighttime parades are a must for Disney goers! Sadly, for the time being, I’ll have to give the win to Disneyland for the better parade and variety so to say.

4. Magic Kingdom Dining

For dining WDW’s Magic Kingdom, it offers more variety in food and places to eat within the Magic Kingdom and at their hotels as well. As for Disneyland, it offers several places to eat within the park, but few outside of their two theme parks. As for the actual food, both parks offer similar types of menus for all meals. However, because Disneyworld has more character dining options, their food tends to be more expensive in my experience. Either way, Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom’s dining is better in my opinion and gives more choice as to where to eat.

Final Results

As the Magic Kingdom in Disneyland has more of a homey and vintage feel, it is Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom that wins the crown for me. It’s larger than life persona seen as soon as you set eyes on Cinderella’s Castle just wins me over. Disney World is a full-on vacation destination, and the Magic Kingdom is just one of the amazing parks that make Disney World a top travel destination for all these years.

While I do enjoy Disneyland for its detail-oriented appeal, it is more of a local destination for families in the area than Disneyworld is.

Hopefully, though everyone who read this gives both parks a fair chance as I did because each park offers something completely different than its counterpart.

Cover Image Credit: Allison Gass

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'Culling' The Bullsh*t; Taking A Deeper Look At The Antibiotics In The Livestock Industry

You want the truth? Here it is.


As many people have seen around the internet, one of the hot topics is having cattle or other livestock antibiotic free. This has lead to a movement that is not only incorrect with their basic information, but they are hurting family farms across the nation. This stems from the idea that antibiotics contaminate meat products and will affect the consumer. In this article the main points that "justify" the antibiotic culture will be broken down and simplified. I hope by the end of reading this you will be more knowledgeable about this subject, and will make the best decision for you and your family.

1. "If you don't specifically buy antibiotic free meat, you will buy meat with antibiotics in it."

The FDA has control check on the processing line when livestock is processed. This means that the likelihood of any "antibiotic filled" animal to make it through is slim to none. If by chance a ranch or feedlot gets flagged by FDA, they will be fined with a bill in the thousands. This type of flag will make it difficult for that ranch to ever sell livestock in the normal market again. This is only one of the incentives for ranch owners to stay in the clear.

2. "Antibiotics are used to promote growth"

This statement is false. Antibiotics are used to treat an illness. Yes an animal might gain weight after treatment. But that is because when we are sick we tend to not eat as much. Once you start to feel better, it stirs up your hunger. Antibiotics are and have never been used to promote growth.

3. What happens to the animal on an antibiotic free farm when it gets sick.

Let's do a comparison example. If your child got sick what do you normally do? Take them to the doctor and if he prescribes a medication for them you would provide the correct amount to treat the illness. This is the same way with the livestock industry. Most antibiotics and medication in general are a prescription based. Therefore, a vet will need to sign off on the treatment of the animals. While most ranches will treat the illness and move on, antibiotic free farms need to move that animal off site to another ranch. Some of the time they have a secondary place where those treated animals go to live out their life. Not treating a sick animal is inhumane.

These are only a few of the antibiotic free lies that surround the livestock world. And I am not saying for someone to completely change their beliefs over one article, what I am saying is do your research. From both sides of the argument. Then base your final decision from what you have learned. The agriculture industry has many that oppose that will use fear-tactics to push their agenda. And although we are not a perfect industry, we are a very important part of society. And we hold high standards for ourselves because of that.

Thank you for reading,

if you have a suggestion of what I should talk about next leave a comment.

-Chrystal B.

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