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Walt Disney stated, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible." When many families think about a Disney vacation with all the works, many feel as if they cannot afford the trip, deeming the dream vacation impossible.

I am here to tell you that a Disney vacation is not impossible, but actually very affordable if done right. Some of the best memories I have from childhood vacations include me standing right in the middle of Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom, and I want to share my magic with you all.


Planning for your Disney vacation is vital and begins months prior to the day you lock your door at home and "hit the road." Prior to this, you need to decide which is the best form of transportation to arrive to Orlando, Florida.



If you decide driving is the best option, purchase gas gift cards throughout the months prior to your departure. From Missouri to Florida, there are multiple gasoline chains you can fill up at - I recommend BP. You also need to decide if you wish to drive all the way through or would like to stop at a hotel for the night and allow the kids to run around. If you do wish to stay the night somewhere, look into staying at a Choice hotel chain. Many times, these hotels provide a complimentary breakfast and run specials for their rooms.


Flying is at times looked at as more of the hassle-free form of transportation. If you and your family do wish to fly, look into prices of flights for a weekday at night. These flights in my experience tend to be cheaper. Also, if you do wish to fly, make sure you account for parking your car at the airport, unless you have a friend drop you off.


When planning for your dream vacation to the happiest place on Earth, I recommend looking into one of the Disney Complex economy resorts located on the Disney grounds. There resorts are family friendly and provide lots of fun and excitement for the kiddos when you are not at the parks. Another perk of these hotels on the Disney complex, many provide transportation to and from each park, as well as transportation to and from the airport. Who doesn't love free transportation?


Purchasing gift cards is the most stress-free way to pay for your Disney vacation. Purchase a Disney gift card out of every paycheck to put your family ahead of the game. Disney gift cards can be used to pay for your Disney hotel on the property, food and drinks at the parks and the resorts or to pay for park tickets. By purchasing these gift cards ahead of time, you can make sure your Disney vacation is practically paid for, if not completely paid for before you even leave!


The time has come for you to embark on a journey to the happiest place on earth. You have your gift cards in hand, you are staying at the Disney hotels on property and you have the money to pay for your tickets to the parks - now what do you do?

While you are on your vacation, look for the many perks that the Disney complex has to offer. I recommend visiting Downtown Disney, a large shopping complex with incredible places to eat.

If you are planning on visiting the Magic Kingdom, make sure you plan your vacation dates around the off-season of Disney to avoid the crowds and the crazy lines. If you do happen to have your vacation during Disney's busy season, look into Fast Passes for the rides you are most excited to ride (I recommend riding them at night). If you plan on eating at the Be Our Guest restaurant inside Disney, make sure you plan your reservations in advance.

You also will want to arrive at Disney the minute the park opens. Yes, this might sound crazy and dangerous since the park will be packed, but you want to experience the park the whole time the park is open, and make sure you stay for the fireworks!

A Disney vacation takes concentration and lots of planning, but the only thing stopping you is you. Disney also said "if you can dream it, you can do it." So plan away and hop in the car. Drive straight on until morning. All your vacation needs is a little faith, trust and pixie dust - and maybe some money and planning.

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