I May Be 21, But I Am Not Into The College Bar Scene

I May Be 21, But I Am Not Into The College Bar Scene

I would rather be at happy hour then standing in line for 45 minutes to be stuffed into a hot box.


I like to drink just as much as the next 21-year-old college student. There is nothing more satisfying than having a glass of wine at the end of the day, going to happy hour with your friends, or going day drinking. One variable that is missing from this equation is the fact, I am not into the college bar scene. Before you get all torn up on the inside about the fact I don't like the smell of cheap perfume and sweaty drunk boys, let me explain.

1. It is overly loud

It's not just the fact that there are so many people talking at once, it is also the fact that the music is competing for the attention of the bar goers. I hate not being able to hear someone who is standing next to me or feeling the need to yell over the music. Having a conversation where every other word is "What?" isn't my cup of tea. I would much rather drink and actually able to hear the conversation of the people I am with than just be able to hear overplayed music and a drunk girl yelling at her boyfriend.

2. The drinks are overpriced for the quality

Something I've learned from being a bartender is that drinks get made with shortcuts on busy nights. It's not the fault of the bartender, but it's faster to cut a corner or two when it's busy because you don't have the time to make a specialty cocktail. If you go into the same place during the week, chances are you are going to have a lot more time spent on your drink, but you still pay the same price on a Friday night for only half the effort.

3. Working in the service industry ruined me

I know how hard bartenders and servers work. Most nights I get off work and the last place I want to be is in another crowded restraint or bar. The last place I would like to spend my time is in line for a drink. A part of me feels guilty though because I am not behind the bar helping or cleaning up the empty cups, even though I don't work there. It must be server guilt.

4. I don't feel the vibe 

The music at bars isn't really all the great, there are drunk people everywhere, it's always hot so you are sweating up a storm, and people are constantly pushing at you. It's not my cup of tea. I usually get to a college bar and about ten minutes into it, I am over it. I vibe much more at a small bar off the beaten path or a lounge with a comfortable couch. I also feel like college bars don't promote responsible drinking. The attitude is always "DRINK MORE" or "BLACK OUT." I have things to do. I don't have time to run around finding my phone or car or trying to piece together my night. I also don't have time to be hung over. It's not my style, and there is nothing worse than being hungover, so why would I want to do it every weekend?

5. I am not down to stand in line for 45 minutes 

There are very few things I wait in line for and being shoved into a hot box for cheap alcohol is not one of them. I don't even wait that long for food, let alone a bar. Also most of the time you are freezing to death because you didn't bring a coat and so you are literally blue before you make it into the door and THEN you have to pay a five dollar cover. Not my cup of tea what so ever.

6. I thrive at Happy Hour 

Don't get me wrong, I can enjoy a nice fish bowl just as much as the next person. I love sitting at The Reef enjoying a fishbowl (or two) and talking to my friends. I LOVE Barbacoa's happy hour because hello two for one, it doesn't get any better than that. Get me to Tenth Street Station and I am happy, and even to Silly Birch on a Thursday night. I even feel the Broadway Triangle. This is my cup of tea. This is where I thrive. And nine times out of ten, there is air conditioning, a nice comfortable seat, and plenty of time to have a conversation with your besties.

I am not saying college bars aren't fun. They have their moments. I am just saying don't judge me because they aren't my vibe. I am much happier at Happy Hour so I can be home by 11.

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8 Reasons Girls Who Love Tequila Are Better

Because if she can handle tequila, she can handle you too.

There are all kinds of alcohol stereotypes out there but the one associated with tequila is probably the worst: tequila makes you crazy. But if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that women who drink tequila are one-of-a-kind.

Whether it's loving or fighting, you'll never find anyone who does it better than a girl who just straight up loves tequila, and here are a few reasons why that is.

1. She's independent

A girl who drinks tequila is probably the same girl who has absolutely no problem telling it like it is. She knows what she wants and goes after it.

2. She doesn't care what you or anyone else thinks

Oh, you have a problem with me taking shots and having a good time? Well, get over it! Bartender, a shot with salt and a lime please!

3. Always dancing

Tequila is an 'upper' so instead of sitting at the bar doing nothing, let's dance! Let's get moving!

4. There is never a dull moment

Speaking of dancing, a girl who drinks tequila is always down for a good time. Whether it's going on an adventure or seeing who can take the most shots, a tequila girl is always down to party.

5. While everyone else is starting to get sleepy, she has all the energy

Like I said, tequila is an 'upper' so while the other girls at the bar are starting to feel groggy and sad, she's all over the place having fun and partying on the dancefloor.

6. She's stronger than the girl crying over a vodka cranberry at the bar.

Sad over a breakup? Don't go for the vodka... Tequila will make you feel better in no time! Plus you can challenge the hot guys at the bar to a shot taking contest.

7. Tequila is healthy for you

Tequila is a probiotic, so some tequila a day keeps the doctor away. Yay for shots!

8. She can hold her own when it comes to alcohol

Any girl who can shoot some shots at the bar all day and night can handle alcohol, which means she can handle herself too. You won't have to deal with her constant breakdowns and mood swings because she will be too busy ordering more shots.

Cover Image Credit: Whiskey Riff

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Skip The DUI And Get An Uber, Your Future Self Will Thank You

Getting a DUI in college can cost much more than the attorney fees.


For many, college is a time to study, find what you're passionate about, make new friends, explore, and prepare yourself for the future. While choosing to do all of this, some decide to also work part-time and join various clubs and organizations.

With all this excitement and responsibility on your plate, it can be overwhelming. One of the ways students choose to release the stress is partying. While choosing to drink and have fun with your friends is completely acceptable, some students make the poor decision to drink and drive.

According to the government program, College Drinking Prevention, 1,825 college students between the ages of 18 and 24 die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries, including motor-vehicle crashes each year. While you may trust yourself or feel totally fine to drive, it's not worth risking your future by getting a DUI or worse, risking your life.

What to Do After a DUI Arrest

After being charged with a DUI, the first thing you should do is retain a qualified DUI attorney in your area. An experienced DUI lawyer can contest charges, push for less punitive options, and ultimately ensure your rights are being protected. Rhode Island DUI lawyer Stefanie Murphy notes the severity of a DUI charge:

"You can lose your driving privileges, which hinders your freedom and your ability to get to work. You'll also have to pay fines and restitution to anyone whose property or person has been damaged. It is therefore in your best interests to fight against being convicted and to keep your driver's license."

How a DUI Can Impact Your College Life

Generally speaking, the police will notify the college of a DUI. As a result, various college privileges you've earned will be stripped away, including:

1. Inability to live in on-campus housing

Many colleges have a Code of Conduct they enforce and impose their own strict penalties for students who find themselves in legal problems. One common penalty is the inability to live on campus.

2. Inability to receive necessary licenses

If you are studying to become a nurse or lawyer, prior DUI charges can affect your admission to a subsequent educational institution. A DUI charge can also inhibit you from receiving your license, or admission, to a particular field. All this being said, it may force you to change your major and career path.

3. Expulsion

Depending on the college and DUI charge, you may be asked to leave the university. Regardless if you are able to shake criminal charges, the college board may still expel you for your behavior.

How a DUI Can Impact Your Life in General

Beyond your college experience, a DUI charge can significantly affect your life both in the present and for years to come. It can affect various important factors, such as:

Your Relationships

Family ties, interpersonal relationships, and your self-esteem can be damaged. Trust and responsibility in your relationships be hindered by your actions and make take time, if possible, to restore. Subsequently, you may find yourself struggling with self-esteem and how you view yourself.


Hiring a DUI lawyer can be costly. Then, the cost of bail, restitution, and paying for damages to your own car can add up. If you are convicted and have to serve jail time, you'll be losing out on much more than money; you'll be losing time from your life.

Driving privileges

Depending on the severity of the charge, you may have your license suspended or stripped away for years. Some offenders may receive a hardship license, which enables you to drive to work, medical appointments, school, or the grocery store.

While there is nothing wrong with enjoying drinks with friends in a safe setting, the moment the scene changes to a vehicle, it's a different - and dangerous- story. Don't risk your future and your life by getting behind the wheel after drinking. You have too much to lose.

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