If You're Changing Your Diet To Be Healthier, Prepare For A Challenge

If You're Changing Your Diet To Be Healthier, Prepare For A Challenge

It'll all be over soon.


In my previous article, I talked about being in the hospital as a college student. Now, I am out of the hospital (thank God), but I still had a lot of follow up doctors appointments to wonder what will happen from there. In the end, I will be having surgery on my stomach in order to fix the problem has risen into the light in March.

The original thought was that I was going to have to take a semester off, have this surgery now, and go from there. But being the kind of person that I am, I wanted to go back to school and be a normal student until this surgery. It took a bit, but I was lucky enough to even be back in my dorm right now after some of my classes writing this article here. While it does make me happy, I had to make a lot of compromises with my parents. I couldn't do the University Dance Alliance in any way, shape, or form this semester in order to not use up any energy that is not needed. I was also to contact my mom if I was to experience any pain that I had experienced the previous week that caused me to be in the hospital.

But I think the biggest compromise that I had to comply to was what I had to eat.

In the past, I would normally eat normal people food. But with now there is something that is sitting in my stomach that is taking up a great amount of my stomach, I can't have much in my stomach which is suppressing me of all of the daily nutrients that I would need. This was also explaining why I would get full so quickly because my stomach was already full due to this mass. So for the next month, instead of my favorite foods that I enjoy eating, I am to be on a soft food meal plan. The big concern that I was told by my primary doctor was being able to keep on my weight due to having lost a lot of weight with this thing inside my stomach.

I know that I have a good feeling that after the month is over and I am back to eating the food that I will not be eating for a while, I will not be wanting another carnation drink again. Those carnation drinks are going to be seen as my main source of nutrition as they are high in all the things that I need.

While it may seem easy, it would be easy if I was at home. I am away from the safety blanket of my home again, and my health is now up to me to maintain. But I do know that I can do, and I can prove to my parents that this was good while the tough choice to let me trust myself. It might be a rough patch, but this is my body and it can make it through this change.

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When You're Afraid You'll Cheat On Your Diet, Read These 5 Phrases

The pizza is not worth it in the long run.


Starting a diet as a college student is really freaking hard. We are all so used to eating a bunch of crap in high school and remaining fit-ish due to sports etc. Going from eating whatever to eating clean sucks. People that say it doesn't are lying to you. Write these thoughts down in your notes on your phone and when you want to give up, read these and push through.

Be healthy! You can do it.

1. "Is this piece of chocolate going to be worth it when I don't fit into my favorite pair of jeans?"

2. "I never want to feel how I did in a bikini last time I was at the beach."

3. "Eating a piece of broccoli might suck in the moment, but will help my body feel better in the long run."

4. "The first week of a diet is the hardest. Make it through one week and my glucose levels will balance out and the cravings will calm down."

5. "If I don't start being healthy today, when will I ever?

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