Hi! My names Blake, and I'm a feminist. I believe in equality.

What I'm not, is a "feminazi."

Unfortunately, there's a lot of misconceptions about what feminism is and if we even need it anymore due to the negative stereotype portrayed by those who take what they consider to be feminism to a radical extreme.

Still confused? Let me give you some examples of things feminists do, that feminazi's do not.

1. Thank someone when they hold the door open for you.

They aren't assuming you can't, they're being polite.

2. Fight for men's issues too.

This isn't just about women; it's about gender equality, and men have issues too.

3. Respect other women.

Even and especially when their opinions are different from their own.

4. Support women who want to be stay-at-home moms.

They aren't selling themselves short; they're doing what makes them happy. Besides, it isn't easy.

5. Smile and say hello back.

Again, they're just being polite. You can very clearly tell when their intentions are anything less.

6. Understands that women can be guilty of abuse and assault.

They also advocate for male victims the same way we'd advocate for female victims.

7. Celebrate humans of all shapes.

Even the thin ones. Skinny shaming has become a very real and very gross thing.

8. Validate women of all religions.

A woman who chooses to wear a hijab or a burka is no less of a woman than one who doesn't.

9. Knows that not all men are evil.

A feminist doesn't hate men just because of their genitals. In fact, they don't hate men at all.

10. Says, "thank you" or politely declines when someone offers to pay on the first date.

It's not because you can't, they're just trying to be courteous.

11. Calmly discusses and debates with others.

They do not yell, belittle or insult.

12. Supports genuine equality.

They do not women's superiority.

Feminism is defined and advocacy of women's rights based on the equality of sexes. Equality. Equality for everyone. Equality for men, women, non-binary, adults, children, you and me. Equality for everyone to have their own beliefs, even when different. Men are not superior to women, just as women are not superior to men.

Don't be a radical. Be a feminist.