Difference Between An Average SEO Campaign And An Award-Winning SEO Campaign
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Difference Between An Average SEO Campaign And An Award-Winning SEO Campaign


Difference Between An Average SEO Campaign And An Award-Winning SEO Campaign

Put it simply SEO is necessary to make your message stand out

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making your site or landing page rank higher in Google or other search engines. Put it simply SEO is necessary to make your message stand out. Not ranking among the first results of the respective search, means that your targets are much less likely to even see your message.

Therefore it is no secret why most enterprises with an online presence strive to have great SEO. They will have in-house SEO experts, hire professional SEO agencies, and use also external support of SEO specialists. This strong force is tasked with devising and carrying out SEO campaigns. Often, however, even with such a strong SEO force the outcomes of the SEO campaigns fall short of expectations.

These shortcomings make the average SEO campaign. They do achieve some results but are suboptimal for the ranking. Here are the three most common mistakes, which if evaded will make the average SEO campaign an award-winning SEO campaign:

Incomplete SEO

Although SEO sounds like a single process, it actually comprises three quite distinct parts, which normally will require different groups of SEO expert to handle. Some average SEO campaigns will only focus on one of them, leaving the others unattended or poorly done. Award-winning SEO will have all three parts up to speed and working in unison:

Technical SEO

This refers to the technical server and website optimisation. These should facilitate search engine spider crawls to index your site more appropriately.

Mishaps of poorly done technical SEO will include slowly loading websites. Obviously many sites suffer from this, as the average loading time is about 8 seconds, while the appropriate loading time is up to 3 seconds. Getting just this wrong, will bounce many of your visitors.

Another common result of poorly done technical SEO are websites that do not have a responsive web design. Without this, your site will always look and feel the same irrespective of the device, which your visitor is using. This, of course, makes it much harder to enjoy, and hence your message – much harder to convey.

On-Page SEO

This is the part of SEO where all the content and the underlying code of your website is optimised. That is to say that your website clearly defines what it is and what useful information it is providing.

You read correctly. We used the word “content” rather than text. This is because you do not have only text on your site, you also have pictures, clips, music and what have you. In fact, this is one of the most common mistakes with on-page SEO – SEO companies write perfectly optimised text but forget to properly define the pictures used. This of course confuses the bots and you are back to square one.

Keywords are an important part of on-page SEO. This means relevant, well-researched keywords, carefully integrated into all content elements.

Another common mistake is having duplicating content. Search engines term that plagiarism, even if you have copied text from your own writing, published in another place. Another issue you may face is having good text for humans to read, which is not optimised for bots. This again is a setback. And of course – having great quality relevant content published at regular intervals is the building basic of on-page SEO.

Off-Page SEO

This involves actions taken outside of your website, which influence its ranking.

Such are backlinks, citation building, online brand building, content marketing and social media marketing.

Although there are thousands of books written on the above topics, still only award-winning SEO sites combine the three fields into one and achieve the necessary results.

Poor Research And Planning

A gap exists between an enterprise assigning the development of its site to an 2021 SEMRush award-winning SEO Agency. The enterprise knows its competitors, clients and business, but does not consider this to be of any importance to the SEO agency. … and the SEO agency forgets to ask.

What happens is randomised keywords to base the SEO on. Zero research into their popularity and use. No investigation into the client-driven questions.

However great a site built on top of misleading keywords, its performance will be suboptimal.

Award-winning sites have carefully picked keywords, arranged around their main offer, outside competitor reach and aimed straight at the heard of their target customer.


Last, but not least, comes the SEO Strategy. All of the above elements need to have their own individual tactics and development strategies. Then these need to be interwoven into one common comprehensive SEO strategy. Without such, you are always bound to miss some element of the complex field of SEO.

Knowing what is necessary and what the popular mistakes are, you are now equipped to make your website an award-winning one. Go for it!

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