Every year (or month) I tell myself I'm going to start a new diet. My "new" diets range from cutting out carbs, not drinking soda or juice, not giving in to dessert, not consuming as much food, or even exercising some more. At the start of each new diet, I give myself a whole lecture about how I cannot give in and quit after a week or sadly enough, a couple of days. Now just to be clear, my diet phases do not always revolve around losing weight. Sometimes I want to drop a pound or two, sometimes I feel as though I want to get abs, sometimes I want to tone up my legs, and sometimes I really just feel as though I need to eat healthier. I feel like everyone always gets on my case because yes, I am already small and short but that doesn't necessarily mean that I love my body. Each and every person has some sort of insecurity with themselves and that is totally understandable.

Let me give a couple of diets that I tried to start just in the last month alone. Let me give a couple of diets that I tried to start just in the last month alone.

1. Doing 100 sit-up/ab workouts a day.

A couple of months ago, I can honestly say that I was in my prime. For about two months, I went to the gym every single day and on top of that, I did at least 100 sit-ups a day as well as doing other ab workouts. I woke up one morning and suddenly felt the need to have abs. And so every single day, I was very religious about making sure I worked on it. As the month went by, I could feel my core getting stronger and I could feel the abs slowly starting to come in. However, maybe about three months after this, I gave up. I don't even know what it was exactly that made me stop. Sometimes I get so busy between work and school that I literally don't have the time to do them. It's possible that I skipped one day and then the next day I told myself it was okay to skip again since I already did. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the very end of my 100 sit-ups and ab workouts a day. Bye diet #100, you will be missed!

2. No dessert.

So here's to one of the hardest diets I tried. I have the world's biggest sweet tooth. However, I go through phases. I could go two weeks without once ever eating candy or craving chocolate but then I could also go two weeks where every day I feast on chocolate cake and sour watermelon patches. I also have a lot of trouble staying in control. Sometimes I won't even crave a cookie but I'll see someone else grab one and then, of course, I have to grab one. I definitely am not proud of this but hey, we all have our weaknesses. My weakness just happens to be candy (and all food). Sadly, this diet lasted me probably a week, if even.

3. 15 minutes of jumping rope, 3x a day.

So for those of you who didn't know... jumping rope burns major calories. The best part though is that jump ropes are incredibly cheap. Head to your local toy store, Target, Walmart, or even dollar store! I guarantee you that your jump rope should be $3, if not less. Forget about running three miles out in the scorching heat or paying the big bucks for a gym membership! I try to jump rope at least once a week (more like month because I'm lazy) and I die every time. It is such a grueling workout and I give up five minutes in, unfortunately. One day i will make it to a ten-minute mark before giving up.

4. Drinking 8 full cups/bottles of water a day

This. Is. Impossible. I can never ever keep up on my water intake. Some days I will drink so much water to the point where I have to pee every five minutes but the next day I'll take maybe one sip of water and feel so dehydrated. Even when I do drink a crap ton of water, I don't think I ever actually hit the eight cups/bottles goal. Everyone knows that water does wonders for your skin, health, and weight-loss so you already know what's up. On the bright side, I don't typically ever drink soda or juice, therefore my only option is really water. A little trick I learned for when I get bored of the empty, plain taste of water and need a little oomph is to add a little bit of club soda to my water and squeeze in a lemon, lime, or orange slice! Here's hoping for perfect skin and a nice, tone body!

So, please feel free to join the club if you're just like me and repeatedly start a diet or new idea/goal that you know you're never going to finish! Maybe one day I'll stop giving up, but then again, probably not!