Dick's Birthday weekend pt.1

After that last crazy adventure in college station, we settled down A LOT. Things for the most part started coming to a slow and steady end. Our first semester at UT was closing, winter break was just around the corner, and life was just catching up to us. We went out a few times in Austin after that, but nothing compared to those two nights in Cstat. Those nights were memories that would stick, stories that would go on to be told to our kids about our college days. We all headed back to Dallas soon after finals. Rich was the first since he went to A&M and they finished finals a week earlier than us, then Dick, then Mallory and I. Being in Dallas was weird, not going to lie. Things were different. I was single in Dallas for one, it was out first time going to the infamous red river, and it was really our first time in Dallas being together. We were all close because of college, but if I'm being honest, I was scared that that's the only place our friendship would hold. I didn't know whether the friends I had made, even Mallory and I, would even see each other over winter break (especially Dick), so when we all got together it was a crazy feeling! I felt like I had finally found a group of friends I could make forever memories with. The break was coming to an end, my birthday had passed, and Dick's was coming up.

One major thing to know about Dick is that he has some down ass friends. Every one of those guys is literally DOWN to do anything. So, when Dick declared the weekend of us going back to settle into our dorms his "birthday weekend" (which I might add his actual birthday wasn't until the Monday after), we knew things were going to get interesting. On top of that, he had invited all of his friends down to Austin to party and celebrate and of course they all managed to make the time to drive down.

We were scheduled to drive back to Austin the 16thof January and stay the night with Dick at his apartment until our dorms opened up that Friday the 18th. So we planned a whole week out. We were to stay with Dick the 16th, drive to Cstat again the 17th, spend the night there, and then come back to Austin the 18thto get settled and party with Dick that Friday, kicking off his birthday weekend. Everything went sort of smoothly…or you know what…I'll let you be the judge of that…

So, to start things off, we did leave the 16th, we got there, and to our surprise Dick had driven back to Austin beforehand with one of his friends. This friend comes into play later in my life so remember his name…Leo (or that's what I'll let you know him as). It was cool, we had all met before, so it was going to be fun. Leo was cool, funny (extremely funny), and a really good dancer, so all we ended up doing that night was watching a movie, playing monopoly, cooking dinner, and dancing. It was like a big sleepover with nothing but friends. It was fun. The next morning, we cooked breakfast while Dick went to work, and after Mallory and I started getting ready to travel to Cstat for the night.

We headed out around 4ish I believe, I don't remember exactly, but we made it to Cstat during daylight. This gave us more than enough time to get ready. Now this night was okay, we just went to the place everyone seemed to love to go to on a Thursday night. Thursday nights at Harry's was apparently the place to be. We dressed in our country wear and pre-gamed to a bottle of tequila Rich had in his room from Mexico. I took about 7 shots, normal shots I might add, not Dick shots, and I was feeling pretty good, not drunk, but good. We headed over, it was about a 10 minute walk, and started the night. I don't think I've ever been more respected by my dance partners before this in my life. Every guy I danced with was respectful, they would dance one whole song, and then thank me for accompanying them, and go on with their night. It was so cool!

The night came to an end, nothing major happened, we got food, and headed back to Rich's dorm. The next morning, we accompanied Rich to his class and ate, then after, it was time to head back to Austin for Dick's birthday weekend. Rich drove all of the way, I want to say we made it by the dusk of dark. So, Mallory and I made a quick stop at our room to grab a few things and just got ready at Dicks. The boys, Dick, Rich, and Dick's friend Leo, all went to go get food while Mallory and I stayed to start getting ready because lord knows we take FOREVER. The guys got canes, and then made a stop to get drinks. They finally got back and changed quickly to begin pregaming, while Mallory and I finished up. We all chilled for a while until the rest of the party got there. When they did finally arrive, it was like a zoo of boys just let loose in Dick's apartment. There was alcohol everywhere, and the odd smell of Versace cologne started to fill the air. Dick of course introduced us around to everyone, even his cousin who they call…Umm…Tree, yeah, we'll go with that. Honestly, there was so many guys there that Mallory and I forgot who was who, so we just interacted with Rich and Leo. We finally got everyone together in one NICE ASS SUV, okay. THIS DENALI WAS NICE, and very spacious. It also belonged to tree, Dicks cousin. The guys piled in the back and Mallory and I sat driver and passenger since Mallory of course was DD.

We went to the same place, Cielo night club. The music was good. I had taken a few gulps of alcohol before we left and when we made it to the club it began to hit. We all made it in and the party began. Mallory and I were single and the only girls in the group, so it was like we had personal body guards. We both were the first in the club and first to go to the dance floor. We danced for a good 15 minutes until we were joined by Leo, Dick and Tree. Leo came next to me, and was dancing, and it wasn't like we hadn't danced before together, we literally danced two nights prior in the middle of Dicks apartment. So when he took my hand to dance with him it wasn't weird, it was fun! Somehow however, I managed to go from dancing with him face to face to having his hand gently placed on my lower hip, with my back turned against his, not in a provocative way though, in a more intimate way. I remember he would pull me in closer to his chest and sing the lyrics to the songs in my ear. Eventually I looked over and Mallory had been dancing with Tree this whole time next to us. Then…with no sudden warning…Leo placed his chin on the crevasse of my neck and began to sing the words to a very intimate bachata song…and then suddenly, with no hesitation, gently placed his lips on mine, leaving his mark, a mark that would soon change the next few months of my life forever…

…To be continued…

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