So, I decided to do a monthly journal/diary entry. I have always struggled with talking about my feelings and personal problems, so I thought it would help me let things out by putting it all on paper. So here it goes.

I have had an interesting past week. To start, I had 3 exams very close together. Although they were all different difficulties, they were still in 3 days. This gave me a lot of stress trying to study for three very different subjects. Along with studying all of that, I had to interview someone for a story that would air at my school's weekly TV broadcast. But that wasn't even the worst part. My body decided that that was the best time to get me sick.

When I get sick, it usually is so much worse than when someone else gets sick. I would feel like I was going to pass out one second and after I thought I was feeling better, I would wake up the next morning back to the way I was the previous day. This made it difficult to go to classes and work those few days. I had to work a closing shift one night and I thought I was perfectly fine to go in: I was very wrong about that. At the start of the shift, I was okay. But that decided to be one of the busiest nights I've had to work there so my sickness came back at full force. I finally decided to make sure I rest for the next couple nights and eventually it did go away.

Although I am having a great time being able to live on my own at school, I still miss home. I have some close friends who still live at home and commute. Because of this, I have been thinking about if I had decided to commute to a school by home then maybe I could still be with them. My boyfriend is the main person I miss. We just recently celebrated our 1 year, but we were not able to be together on the actual day. That was very difficult for me because I have gotten so used to being with him all day every day during the summer, now being 2 hours away from him is a struggle, but we still manage to make it work and are still as strong as ever.

Even after all this happening this past week, I still manage to stay positive about it all. Having a positive outlook on life no matter what is being thrown at you is the best way to go through life and not struggle with whatever surprises happen to you.