10 Things Depression Makes You Think, That Aren't True

I have lived with depression for over two years now. It has become a part of me, as morbid as that sounds. But just because it is a part of me, doesn't mean that I will let it consume me. Sometimes depression makes me think and feel things that deep down inside, I know aren't true. Though it is hard to overcome this, I try to tell myself that what my brain is telling me is not true. Depression is a bully, and I have learned that I have to fight it. I have written down many detrimental thoughts I have had during my depressive episodes. This is a compiled list of ten things that depression makes you feel that are untrue.

1. I am Worthless--(You really aren't, I promise. You are unique and wonderful and this is untrue).

2. I am Ugly--(You are beautiful in your own essence).

3. I'm Going to Feel Like This Forever--(Sometimes depression can make you feel like things will last forever, and honestly, they won't. I promise).

4. Nobody Loves/Likes Me--(You may think you aren't worth being loved, and that no one does love you. But there is someone who smiles when thinking of you. Remember that).

5. I Have no Friends--(There are people that enjoy spending time with you and hearing your voice. Think of these people).

6. I'm Going Nowhere in Life--(This is just a chapter of your life. Think of how much can change. Use this as hope for better days).

7. I am Stupid--(Everyone has their own strengths. Remember how far you have gotten to get to this moment. You are not stupid).

8. I Deserve to be Depressed--(No one deserves depression. You deserve to be happy, I promise).

9. There Has to be a Reason for Feeling this Bad--(There actually doesn't. Depression is an imbalance in your brain's chemistry, not just a mood like sadness or anger).

10. I Don't Want to Live--(You want this feeling to end, and facing death may seem like the only solution. But it's not. You want to live, I know you do. You don't want to die, you just want to escape this feeling. But things will get better, I promise. You deserve to be alive and LIVE).

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