Depression Doesn't Discriminate Based On Stardom

Unfortunately, it takes the passing of someone that was near the hearts of America, Kate Spade on June 5th; mental health, primarily Depression and Anxiety, is at the forefront of everyone's timelines.

It is absolutely heartbreaking to know that a woman such as Kate Spade, who built an empire for her name, suffered from a mental illness. Money cannot buy happiness-- the deaths of Robin Williams and Kate Spade show us this. People that seemingly have anything and everything that they could possibly want at the tips of their fingers have fought a hard battle and mental illness seemed to have ultimately won.

While it is so easy for people to say that is not that difficult to change a mindset and break intrusive thoughts, we have to remind ourselves that people that still have passed away while battling their inner demons. It is incredibly difficult for us to say that changing our lives will make things better because it will not always.

I have heard so many people tell me that if I don't want to be sad, to change how I think. I know that it can be easy for anyone on the outside to think that but some people struggle more than others do. We never know the inner battles others may fight if they don't speak about it outwardly. It's surprising to think that some people could ever suffer from a mental illness.

But mental health issues do not discriminate. Anyone from any background, any income, with any level of education, can suffer. We need to talk about mental health. We need to make it easier to get help and for it to be more socially acceptable. It's hard for some people to seek help without fear of how those around them will respond.

It is absolutely terrible to think that there is still such a stigma surrounding mental health. It's unfortunate that it comes up when there's a school shooting and we talk about how important it is for them to get help. Most people seem to get over the death of a famed one or anyone that commits suicide.

The rate of suicide is so much higher than the rate of homicide. We seem to kill ourselves more than we kill each other. We never think about how much harder seem to be on ourselves than we critique each other.

I wish that we could talk about our mental hardships more openly. I'm one of the most open with my mental illness than anyone else I know and I still find myself pretty embarrassed to talk about it sometimes. I wish that I could make other people understand at times as well but that's just as hard as being able to talk about it at all.

In about a week, rarely anyone will be talking about Kate Spade's death because no one seems to care for an extended period of time. Depression doesn't discriminate, and boy, should we not either, but that's a whole different conversation.

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