For the majority of us, class enrollment has ended, but this process is one in of itself. Although, in all honesty, this process is just one big ball of frustration, stress, and anxiety. Because at any moment you can go from:


To basically running from wherever you are (most likely class) to your computer to make sure that you're there at the start of your enrollment period:

To majorly stressing when a class that you wanted, more like needed to take fills up:

Even to somehow finding that happy medium of a schedule for the following year of classes through all of this pressure to make your schedule not completely ridiculous:

Finally being able to breathe deeply enough, feeling the stress from this process melt off just a little and somewhere in the back of your mind being done with this four-hour process four hours ago:

Though, not all of us are this anxiety-ridden as Sheldon usually seems.

And lastly, the content that you feel from actually having a schedule for that following year that isn't awful:

Although, overall, let's face it: most college students look like this anyway: