The common discussion going on right now is that the Democrats are going to tear themselves down before the 2020 candidate is decided. With each new Democrat added to the race, it seems more and more likely that the only way to make it to that coveted spot is for each candidate to play on the offensive and focus on breaking each of their opponents.

I disagree.

Of course with such highly qualified candidates each with their own respective name recognition, it could seem like the only way to make it to the top would be to make sure the others fall to the bottom. But, it should be recognized that these Democratic candidates (or at least the top-runners) are colleagues, not enemies.

For example, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris have worked on bills together during their time in the Senate, proving their ability not only to respect one another, but to collaborate to break down barriers.

Of course all of these Democrats want the nomination. They wouldn't run otherwise. However, they are also all professionals.

We are so accustomed to nasty politics that run on smear campaigns and social media attacks, rather than policy proposals and cordial debates that there seems to be no other option. I hope that this 2020 Democratic race proves otherwise.

With such amazing candidates, each bringing a unique perspective and plan to the table, I see so much potential for the best candidate to be shaped. Rather than dragging each other down, these candidates have the chance to build the best nomination. Now that is what Democrats want and need in 2020.

At this point, it's so easy to sit back and hope for some juicy headlines. However, we should really be hoping for some productive debate and campaigning that molds the best possible Presidential nominee.

May the best man or woman win.