As I have written about before in previous articles, I am not really a true fan of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for this next election. However, I still like to keep myself informed about what is going on for both of the candidate's campaigns. I watched both the Republican and Democratic National Convention and found myself extremely impressed with the Democratic side.

While both conventions had amazing speeches from very prominent figures, one in particular struck me: Demi Lovato's.

When people think of a presidential debate the topics usually range from the economy, gun control and education. Mental illness is not exactly brought up in Donald Trump's speeches very often. (Considering there was video evidence of him making fun of a mentally handicapped person, I doubt he considers mental health reform to be important.)

However, this article is not intended to belittle Donald Trump or any politician who ignores those who have mental health problems. Instead I want to highlight why Demi Lovato's speech was so important.

Previous to Lovato, I personally have never heard of anyone else of her celebrity status speaking in front of that many people about issues such as bipolar disorder, depression and bulimia. By getting on that podium Lovato gave everyone who is suffering from mental illness and those who take care of them a voice.

More often then not people are afraid to get help for illnesses such as bipolar disorder, addiction, depression and anxiety because they are afraid of the judgement they are going to get. Demi Lovato broke that stigma by being open and honest about her struggles and how rehab helped her get back to being herself again.

In addition to her beautiful speech, Lovato also performed her song "Confident" which was another testament to her point that there is no shame in having a mental illness. You can still be completely confident and successful.

As someone who has had many family members suffer from mental illnesses, it was refreshing to see someone speaking out and being an advocate for the people whose voices aren't heard.

I don't know if Demi Lovato's speech swayed my opinion on Hillary Clinton but it for sure made me even more of a huge fan of her.