Dear Demi,

I have followed your journey from a very young age. I was a pre-teen when "Camp Rock" came out, and now that I'm in my early twenties, I can honestly say I still watch it. I loved watching new episodes of "Sonny With A Chance" and couldn't wait to hear your next song.

Growing up with you on the Disney Channel was such a special part of my childhood.

Watching your movies and singing along to your songs made me one happy girl. I never saw you struggle and assumed that being so famous so young was something like a dream. I had no idea what you were going through when the cameras stopped rolling and you stepped out of the studio.

After watching your documentary, "Simply Complicated", I was blown away by the woman you have become. Overcoming the drug and alcohol use, the disorders, and the anxiety and depression was something I could never imagine going through, especially at the age you did.

The immense pressure that was put on you is something I don't think I would be able to handle.

Over the past 10 years of my life, I have watched you grow into a beautiful woman. There was a time in your life where you helped so many countless others learn to love themselves and get through hard times. Now it's our turn to help you.

I adore you, Demi, and I think you are something of a miracle and a person put on this Earth to show us it is possible to get back up after countless struggles. I know it can be hard to keep that up, and I know you're only human, but I believe you can do this.

I am heartbroken that you are back to struggling, and I hope you know that all of your fans will try our best to help you. This relapse doesn't define who you are.

Despite what you're going through, I'll never stop looking up to you. You are in all my thoughts and all my prayers. I won't stop thinking of you, your family, and support team until you are better and sober.

Stay strong, Demi. We need you and are praying so hard for your recovery. Your Lovatics are always standing behind you.