Demi Lovato Overdose

Demi Lovato Overdosed After 6 Years of Sobriety, But Thankfully, Her Story Isn't Over Yet

Addiction is an illness and sometimes being in the spotlight doesn't help.


Demi Lovato has been extremely open about her mental health journey throughout her music and acting career.

She even released a documentary where she talked about her breakup and her battle with an eating disorder along with drug and alcohol addiction. She has been through rehab multiple times to help herself attempt to be sober and recover from this illness. She openly confesses that these issues got worse when she broke up with her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, due to the fact that she was so used to relying on him to help her through the hard times. Said Ex-Boyfriend has put a statement out into the media that he is absolutely devastated about the recent events taken place. She opened up in a song called sober that she had broken her sobriety and that it happens when she's lonely. Not long after the release, she was reported to have an overdose resulting in an ambulance trip.

In her song sober she sings very vulnerable and open lyrics talking about falling off of her sobriety path.

She explicitly apologizes to her fans and her family, claiming she would get help. She has talked about how much being alone has affected her mental health in the past. This song said the same exact thing with the line "It's only when I'm lonely". She references going through depressive episodes at the beginning of her relapse. She says to herself in the song "call me when it's over because I'm dying inside" which is a pretty clear indication that depression and anxiety have been something that pushes her over the edge resulting in relapses. She as a person seems to be at a point where she isn't abusing drugs and alcohol without a thought of remorse since the whole song is a huge apology for relapsing.

Around a month after her release which was June 21, 2018, she was taken via ambulance to the hospital for her overdose. She has been reportedly been treated with Narcan on the ambulance ride. When Demi was taken through the Los Angelos ambulance it was reported that she was unconscious in her Hollywood Hills home. A month after apologizing for going off her sober path she falls down a downward spiral. Though it was reported through TMZ that the overdose was Heroine related according to People magazine a source close to her family rebutted that statement. The family has chosen to keep a lot of her personal details just that, personal. The family did, however, report as of three o'clock in the afternoon July 24th, that Demi is awake and stable at the hospital and that her family wants some privacy for her.

Though Demi went through this enormous tragedy some people are still focusing on whether or not she is continuing performances this week.

Those are most likely to be determined at a later date, but I'd like to think most of her fans and friends are more worried about her well being than a performance. I'm sure many are ecstatic that she survived an overdose of this nature, that really could've killed her. Her family is by her side and I think most media platforms should lay off the family for details as they're trying to focus on her healing process.

The positive is that she's alive and hopefully planning on getting serious help with her addiction after such a terrible incident.

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