A Definitive Ranking Of Pixar Films

A Definitive Ranking Of Pixar Films

Part 1

Pixar Ranking Part 1

Written By: AJ Lipsett

Since I’ve already ranked the features of Walt Disney Animation Studio, I figured I’d take a look at the films of one of their subsidiaries, Pixar Animation Studios. Pixar, as well as it’s films have changed the art of animation as we know it. So I think it’s worth reviewing all 18 of their films and ranking them to see which Computer Animated Flick reigns supreme. And with Coco, Pixar’s 19th feature just hitting theaters, I thought it was a perfect time to look back on the studio’s best (and worst) offerings.

18.) Cars 2 (2011)

Cars 2 is without a doubt Pixar’s crowing jewel of failure. Where do I even begin? I mean, a SPY movie? Did anyone see the first Cars and think, I wonder what they could do with a spy movie? Well, Cars 2 is as stupid and pointless and honestly confusing as you would expect. The animation is bright and colorful, much like the first, but the stupid characters and puzzling concept can’t be forgiven. Cars 2 is Pixar’s undisputed badge of dishonor.

17.) Finding Dory (2016)

This film baffles me because it is one of those films that has absolutely no reason to be. Well, actually one reason: money. But I honestly thought Pixar was better than that. Although Dory herself is a funny and well written character, what made her so great is how she worked off the cynical Marlin. And it didn’t help that we didn’t need to see an entire film dedicated to exploring Dory’s backstory. Anyway, Finding Dory is a decent adventure on its own but when compared to its predecessor, it drowns.

16.) Monster’s University (2013)

As if the idea of doing a family-friendly college film isn’t bad enough, making a family-friendly college film starring the characters from Monster’s Inc. makes a bad idea even worse. How good would a Monster’s Inc. sequel have been? It could have been a really bittersweet coming of age film about Boo growing up and maybe losing her belief in monsters, something just as emotional as Toy Story 3. But instead we get a prequel about monsters going to college, which NO ONE wanted to see. However, the ending as well as the message, about not following the beaten path, is really good and really unique. I appreciate it, but am disappointed that it’s embedded in such a pointless film.

15.) The Good Dinosaur (2015)

I’m just happy that this film isn’t a sequel. However, that doesn’t make The Good Dinosaur, well, good. The story, while original, and like I said, not a sequel, is underwhelming and bland, as are the characters. I can’t even remember any of their names to reference in this review. The animation is breathtaking, with the backgrounds really giving the film a grand scale. Although I respect that The Good Dinosaur is an original story and not a cash-grab sequel (cough cough Finding Dory) it’s still not one of Pixar’s best.

14.) Cars 3 (2017)

While definitely a better sequel than Cars 2, Cars 3 still doesn’t impress. There is more character development, particularly from Lightning McQueen, and there are some nice call backs to the original Cars, i.e. the late Paul Newman’s Doc Hudson. But these elements don’t make up for a story that’s been done a million times over. The fact that there was no desire for another Cars film after the disappointment of the second one makes Cars 3 a road not worth driving down.

13.) Brave (2012)

We were all kind of excited to see a Pixar film with a female protagonist, and while Merida, the heroine of Brave, is certainly unique, but in personality and character design, the film itself may have gotten us overhyped. Although the film boasts an interesting look at the often-forgotten mother-daughter relationship, the story often reverts back to Princess film clichés. For example, there’s the princess that doesn’t want to marry, she likes to disobey her parents, doesn’t want a royal life, you get the deal. I think if the story had matched the individual and authentic nature of the heroine, we would have had a much stronger film. But as is, Brave doesn’t live up to many of Pixar’s other features.

13. Coco (2017)

I don't want to say too much about Coco considering it just came out, so I'll try not to give anything away. But, honestly Coco isn't anything to write home about. The characters, as well as their motivations are pretty weak and the story is about as typical kid's adventure movie as you can get. The designs and particularly the backgrounds are beautifully crafted but that doesn't make Coco a film to go loco over.

12.) Cars (2006)

This Cars, the first one, is probably the best out of the three, but that’s not saying much, especially compared to Pixar’s other features. It’s a decent film though, and I can’t discredit that. It’s got some likeable characters, colorful animation, and pretty backgrounds as well as a heartwarming ending. But that doesn’t make Cars one of Pixar’s better offerings. It’s a decent one, better than its sequels, so that counts for something.

11.) A Bug’s Life (1998)

Getting out of Pixar’s more questionable offerings, we reach the classics. These are the Pixar films everyone knows, everyone’s seen, and for the most part, everyone appreciates. A Bug’s Life, though not a favorite among fans, still has much to enjoy. Mainly the circus bugs and Kevin Spacey’s perfectly menacing villain, Hopper. (Keep in mind I wrote this before the controversy). The animation is very colorful and engaging. The main characters are a little dull, but serve their purpose. But what makes the film entertaining is the circus bugs, Hopper and his gang, and the vibrant colors. Not bad for Pixar’s second feature.

Cover Image Credit: TPPercival-DevianArt

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Junior Year Was A Learning Experience About Who I Am In Order To Be The Best Version Of Myself

This year was a changing experience.


I walked inside with a sure enthusiasm that this year would be better than last. I told myself that I wasn't gonna man the same mistakes and fall into the same traps that can left my grades in the dust for so many years. I said that this was the first year I was going to be stress free and without any problems. I also said this would be the year I would get in shape and stop eating cookies but the day that I'm writing it is national chocolate chip cookie day and I'm enjoying a nice and warm one.

This year is puts so much stress on friendships and the way that people interact with one another. Everyone is so on edge due to a lack of sleep and understanding that we all can tend to lash out at each other even though we wouldn't if we weren't in that state of consistent tiredness and sadness. Running on 4-5 hours of sleep really makes it difficult to understand any conflict that may occur. For example, on the day of the hardest Chemistry test of the year, I saw two of my friends lash out at each other in a moment of pure emotion. But almost as fast as the argument began, it was over and they had overcome the conflict between them. It really is a testament to your connection with the other person if you can make it through the whole year without running into any problems. In terms of personal experiences, each day was a challenge due to the little brain function I had, but I managed to not give into my issues. I was able to work around them and keep myself going.

Junior year was an experience that I'm going to keep with me forever because of the good and the bad. First off, I would like to thank my parents for never giving me that resolved look of contempt or happiness. This only motivated me or to work harder and I would like to say that I think I made you guys proud with how hard I worked this year. The next people I would like to thank are my friends, you guys are the actual goats. I know that many of you guys don't know how much I appreciate you and I would like to say that I really take it to heart when you guys help me with a certain problem, whether its academic, social, or none of the above.

As for the plot that most people were waiting now, the grades of the haunted Junior Year. I consider myself to be a very average student and I thought that my grades were going to be once again average by junior year standards. I though that they were going to fall so low that I would not be asian failing anymore. Surprisingly, this was the first year out of all my years in high school that my hard work paid off with consistent grades. That does not mean good but that does not mean bad. As a junior at Northview, I was amongst the 200 that took 4 AP classes and etc etc. Grades do not have to define you and getting a single bad grade will not kill you is the lesson I learned this year. That was the single most important idea that I could have taken from this year because it gave me a new perspective on my education. It was time I lived a little.

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