Honestly, it goes back to the whole idea of, “Don’t judge a book by its cover."

I’m the first to admit that I am actually guilty of judging a book by its cover quite literally. I love to just walk through bookstores and scan the spines of books to find, which ones stick out at me. Most of the time, the ones that do stick out, I usually pick up to read their covers/a few of the first pages.

Getting to know a person is like reading a book. You skim the first few pages and start to read the later chapters the longer you start to know them. We consistently come up with these oblivious ideas of who we think people are either when we are just starting to get to know them or someone we have few encounters with. We jump to conclusions the same way someone who’s itching to finish a book skips pages and even chapters just to get to the ending.

We think we know things that we don’t.

Consequently, this isn’t the case. When we jump to conclusions, we’re jumping over so many aspects not just when you’re getting to know another person, but it essentially means that you’re uninterested. Uninterested in getting to know who they truly are and in what that means in traits of you that reveal themselves to other people.

Though in jumping to conclusions, we rush through so many things and various parts of the person we get to know, or when they turn out to be different; then, we’re shocked and are left wrong. Basically, my point is that when you assume things, you make an ass out of you and me (Get it?).

With our hectic world these days, we don’t make the effort to know the people we should. Also, even in our efforts of trying to accomplish so much, we don’t look at the little things.

Stop, breathe and take a look around you. Embrace the little things in life. Make the effort to find those traits that a person necessarily doesn’t reveal at first. Dig deep enough to get enveloped in someone’s personality the way a really great read can engross its reader.

With everything surrounding us in life, whether it’s a busy schedule, stressful work or feeling like we have zero time at all, it’s super important to make the extra effort so that we can take the time to see the traits of people that aren’t revealed in the beginning and seek what makes each person so special in their own way. Go beyond the surface and find the work written into the pages of someone’s book of life.