The Deeper Meaning Behind Winnie The Pooh

The Deeper Meaning Behind Winnie The Pooh

Believe these ideas or not, but the theories are all too interesting to push aside.

There have been many theories behind the personalities of characters on our favorite childhood show, “Winnie The Pooh." Winnie, Piglet, Tiger, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl and Christopher Robin are believed to all suffer from mental illness. While this could definitely be overstretching by fans, the behaviors of these characters perfectly match certain diseases.

Don't let these ruin your perception of the show, it's all theory-based.

Winnie the Pooh

Pooh Bear is the fun-loving and caring main character of the show. A loyal fluffy teddy bear with a signature catchphrase of, “Oh, bother," Pooh Bear is the leader of his friends. His over-obsession with honey and willingness to do whatever it takes to get honey — including putting himself in danger — exhibits signs of impulsivity to obsessive fixations. This is described as an excessive attachment.


Piglet is Pooh Bear's sidekick and often deemed the “worry-wart" of the group. He's anxious and fearful, always questioning their adventures. His catchphrase is “Oh, d-d-dear." Piglet's ears even twitch when he gets anxious, so he exhibits traits consistent with generalized anxiety disorder. This is described as excessive and disproportionate anxiety over life.


Tigger is often one of the most lovable and energetic characters on the show. He is usually bouncing off the walls on his tail, the easily distracted and trouble-making one of the group. He exhibits symptoms of ADHD, attentive deficit hyperactivity disorder. This disorder is known for causing someone to struggle to focus and sit still. Many people with ADHD act without thinking, which describes how Tigger is constantly finding trouble.


Eeyore is the gloomy, pessimistic friend who is usually covered by clouds. His house is built of sticks and is constantly being destroyed and then rebuilt again. His catchphrase, “Thanks for noticing," indicates his low self-esteem. His character obviously suffers from depression; his reluctance to go along with the group and a preference for being alone displays his introverted personality. Eeyore is consistently having his world crash on him — literally with his home falling apart — and he struggles very hard to rebuild it.



Rabbit is often the more tightly-wound and particular friend who is obsessed with keeping his garden in order. Rabbit is a good friend though he sometimes loses his temper. He's very protective and often harsh when things don't turn out perfectly especially to Tigger. Rabbit shows signs of OCD, obsessive compulsive Disorder. This is described as unreasonable thoughts or fears that lead to repetitive behaviors or compulsions and obsessions.


Owl is often regarded as the smartest and wittiest of the group. He acts wise, though is often very confused or disoriented, even misspelling his name as “W-O-L." Owl displays signs of dyslexia, often described as a reading disorder despite intelligence. Difficulties spelling words or reading out loud are often symptoms as well.

Christopher Robin

The only human on the show, Christopher Robin, only socializes with the animals. All of the characters described above are based on Christopher Robin's stuffed animals. These are his only friends and his only interactions, which leads many to believe Christopher Robin has autism. Since autism is generally described as the inability to interact with others and social disabilities, it seems this is a viable claim. It has also been said that Christopher Robin may be Schizophrenic and that he imagines the characters. Both are possibilities.

Believe these ideas or not, but the theories are all too interesting to push aside.

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Cover Image Credit:

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'Crazy Rich Asians' Is The Summer Movie Everyone Needs To See ASAP

Hollywood nails casting an all-Asian film and I am here for it!


The Hollywood movie industry seems to be at its highest success during summertime when children are out of school and moviegoers have more time to visit the box office. There were plenty of awesome movies that I had the opportunity to go see while I was home from college, but I surprisingly have one that takes the cake.

It's culturally-sound, beautifully shot, hilarious, adorable, and heartwarming. It's "Crazy Rich Asians," and if you haven't seen it yet, what are you even waiting for?!

"Crazy Rich Asians" follows Rachel Cu as she embarks on her first trip to Singapore with her boyfriend, Nicholas Young. Nick asks her to travel with him because he's the best man at a friend's wedding, and he also wants to introduce Rachel to his family. Rachel happily accepts and plans on visiting an old college friend while she's there as well. She sees the trip and a fun little vacation from her job as a university professor, not knowing she's about to get into a lot more than she bargained for.

After finding out Nick's family is the richest in all of Singapore, Rachel is thrust into a limelight filled with jealous girls vying for Nick's heart and fortune as well as a complicated family whose matriarch doesn't exactly take to Rachel easily.

Overall, the movie is just so beautiful, especially the breathtaking wedding scene where Nick is the best man. Other than the scenery, the movie is just plain FUNNY. I love movies that have so much emotion they can make you cry one minute and laugh the next, and this is one of those movies!

I also really like the messages behind the plot as well.

One of the reasons Nick's mother is so against liking Rachel is that she sees Rachel as beneath Nicholas. In her eyes, her son deserves a woman of as much status and wealth as he inherited. It's simply the way things are in their culture and age-old family. Rachel chooses to be her own person, however, and realizes that if she isn't enough as herself, she'll never be enough pretending to be someone different. It's a reminder to young girls to be who you are and know that you are always enough. "Crazy Rich Asians" brings several points about traditional Asian culture that I did not know beforehand, so the movie was very educational as well!

I also really loved the storyline of Nick's cousin, Astrid. She inherited a TON of money from their family's success, however, she feels like she has to hide her wealth and downplay it so her husband feels more validated. In her first scene of the movie, viewers see her buying expensive jewelry out of a private vault and coming home only to hide them where she thinks her husband won't find them.

This is especially an important message, if not the most important message to me, out of this movie. We, as women, are not called to validate our husbands by making ourselves inferior or less worthy. We are called to love them and build them up, but it's unhealthy to hide the things you are blessed with and the security you can provide your family because you think it will bruise your significant other's ego.

Last but not least, the casting was spectacular. The story is based off a novel and is majority Asian characters. I love that Hollywood continues to get more diverse in that they don't whitewash culturally diverse characters anymore. And they certainly didn't in this movie. While all of the actors aren't originally from Singapore (that'd be super difficult), the entire main cast is Asian! This made me so excited because they are all such excellent actors and we need to continue to see an appreciation of cultural diversity in our films and media.

If you haven't seen "Crazy Rich Asians" yet, don't worry! It's still in theaters and totally worth the trip to the cinema!

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