I took a little bit of time off of work here and there last week as I recovered from a cold/flu/fever thing that hit me like a ton of bricks last Tuesday. While constantly blowing my nose in order to breathe and constantly being tired were annoying, I was able to do a bit of decorating in my room! I had a few prints that I’d been meaning to hang up for months, and now that they’re up, my walls look super cool. Here’s how to decorate your room in just a few simple steps!

1. Look at all the cool stuff you've been meaning to put on your walls. Decide at last to hang them because you're sick and have nothing better to do.

2. Realize that you don't have frames for half the stuff you want to hang and also that you don't have nails.

3. Buy frames, nails, and pretzel M&Ms (because yum).

4. Frame your artwork! It looks so pretty and professional now!

5. Notice that the first frame has two hook thingies, meaning you need two nails. Hammer them in, make sure they're level. Piece of cake.

6. Think, "oh geez, these hook thingies are kind of at weird places on the frame and it's hard to see if they've actually caught on the nails," and promptly drop and break the frame you just bought two hours ago are you kidding me right now.

7. Calm down. Repair the frame with high quality duct tape while also making a nest of tissues because of how profusely your nose is running.

8. Have roommate help you hang the frame. It's crooked somehow aaaaaaaaahhh.

9. Now that you've taken a few days to channel and dispose of your unbridled rage, have your roommate help you get everything up on the walls.

10. Admire your work and try not to think about all the nail holes you'll have to fill in when you move out next year!