Decisiveness: Potential Millionaire, or a Boyfriend's Missing Quality?
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Decisiveness: Potential Millionaire, or a Boyfriend's Missing Quality?

It's more than making millions...

Decisiveness: Potential Millionaire, or a Boyfriend's Missing Quality?

About a week ago, an article was published in "Business Insider" highlighting the conclusions of a study done by Napoleon Hill dated all the way back to 1937. The study was a deep analysis of over 500 millionaires, including Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and Charles M. Schwab. All men renowned for their significant amount of wealth and unique ways of business; but among all their differences, Hill found one quality that all these millionaires shared: decisiveness.

In his 1937 novel, "Think and Grow Rich," Hill wrote, “Analysis of several hundred people who had accumulated fortunes well beyond the million dollar mark disclosed the fact that every one of them had the habit of reaching decisions promptly.”

After I finished the article, I found myself thinking how crazy it was that this one distinct quality is the common denominator that attributes to a millionaire’s success. But if you think about it, makes sense. The little elements that make decisiveness such a strong trait directly correlate to how confident an individual is. This thought was what spurred my own unique interpretation of the study. Could decisiveness translate to not just billionaires, but better boyfriends?

Hill’s conclusion is not just about making decisions quickly and efficiently, it’s about how these people choose to live their lives. They create a vision of what they want and go after it. They take what they need and give back what is deserved.

Hill uses these reasons to prove why decisiveness attributes to success. I, on the other hand, am using these reasons to prove why you should look for a man who has this quality.

If he is decisive…

He is a quick decision maker.

Being able to quickly decide what he wants is a sign of confidence. This shows he knows who he is and what satisfies him. He will be quick to respond to it and have no doubts. This trait could amount to the little things that make up your relationship, such as where you go to dinner for date night, or what movie you decide to watch. This could also be the factor that dictates the big steps you take together.

But he will also change his decisions.

Despite being quick to decide, he can sometimes change his mind with a decision he originally thought was the correct one. This shows that he can recognize if he made a mistake or know if he did something wrong. He takes the appropriate amount of time to process what he is going to do next, and then he will work to rectify the situation.

He talks less and listens more.

When a man talks too much about himself and his accomplishments, it deprives him from learning about his partner and the people around him. It’s like a closed mind. He is never giving himself the opportunity to better his mind. But a man who will listen allows himself to learn. He lets other people speak and voice their knowledge and opinions. This allows him to discover things about you. It’s those initial discussions you have back and forth with one another that start strengthening your connection. And without even knowing it, this allows him to grow intellectually and mentally as a person and as a partner.

He values his actions more than his promises.

To him promises are just words. Yes, promises allude to commitment and love, but a promise is just a statement, and will remain an empty statement until acted upon. He values action because he chooses to show you first before he tells you. This way you know you can trust him. When he feels something and decides to express it, there is no reason for him to make a declaration or a promise to you. He is going to take immediate action, and this will be his version of a promise. An action is bold, and that is exactly the man he is.

And who knows? He might just be the next Zuckerberg too…

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