Decisions For The Indecisive

Decisions For The Indecisive

Not every decision is life or death, and they don't have to be.

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Decisions Decisions Decisions

I just want to scream. I should be used to decisions by now. I mean, I have survived 22 years of my life deciding things, even if they are small. Of course when I was younger, my parents helped guide me into a specific direction making it easier for me. As I grow older, I find myself faced with more decisions every single day that are totally unexpected. Not to mention that I used to be an indecisive person. Figuring out which path to take, or what I wanted to eat for lunch was actually really hard. Over the years, I have come along ways, but still find myself questioning certain decisions and confusing the heck out of myself.

Think about it. You have two major life decisions, no matter which one you go with- it is going to completely change your life. How do you know which path to take that will be better for you in the end? I know that life is all about taking risks, but when the choice is yours and there are no red flags, (because usually you look for the red flags) then you are completely okay to go with either of those two options. How crazy is that? I get to decide the direction of my life, and or I can be the person that actually screws myself over in the end. Scary thought, yeah?

I'm going to be honest, not only are the big decisions hard, but also the small ones. I typically look at situations as if it were a life or death scenario. Like I said, I've come along ways, but there is always progress. What I have learned though, is that sometimes you just have to accept the unknown and not always question it. Sometimes, we are forced to make a decision even when it doesn't always make sense. Typically the most freeing thing is to let go, and accept the unknown even though it may be hard.

I believe that we always end up where we are supposed to eventually be. It might not always look like the easiest and or most straight path. Sometimes our path is full of curves and surprising detours. We have to start looking at life as OUR life and begin owning it. Don't be afraid of decisions and new opportunities that come your way. Embrace the difficult decisions that lie ahead knowing that it will work out eventually. Life is about learning, growing, embracing, and trusting. Don't let the decisions get to your head. Overcome the decision, and just do something about it. Make a move, and stick with it.

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