To My Yoga Buddy

To My Yoga Buddy

And coffee getting, wine sharing, forever venting friend

OK, so I called you my yoga buddy because you're probably the only person that I can hold a half pigeon pose next to and you can feel my pain from the next mat! We have also both almost disrupted an entire yoga class together by trying to keep a straight face and not laugh our asses off at some of our failed attempts to get into the fancy positions.

But, let's be honest, those cute yoga BFFs that's are fitness goals on Insta — totally us! But truly one of my favorite parts of the week is yoga and coffee time spent with you! We laugh, we catch up, and we vent about pretty much everything under the sun - and usually make a deal to drink a bottle of wine together the next day and, well, vent some more!

From sitting together in what seemed to be the worlds hardest Geology lab to the "oh hey we both have cool tattoos" conversation, you became one of the greatest friends I've met throughout college! We share a love of overpriced coffee, study procrastination, an overwhelming hate for pickles, an enormous fear of the future, and did I already mention wine??

I also have a low key obsession with your dog! Anytime that I'm in need of a good friend, someone to have some girly chats and the usual "of my god you will not believe what he did" talks, I know that you're always there. And even though life can get super hectic and we both know what it's like to chase our own asses with school and work and everything in between, I know that you're always at the other end of the phone!

So I just want to say thank you, thank you for always being down to have fun, always being down for downward dog, and always being a bomb ass friend! Here's to you gal


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6 Signs You Need To End Your Friendship

Subtle ways to tell if your friend is a narcissist

In your life, you will more likely than not run into people who do nothing but hurt you and bring you down. These people slowly become toxic to you, even if you don’t notice at first, and chances are they might be a narcissist. There comes a point where you will need to cut these individuals off for the betterment of yourself. If your friend does several of the things below, it might be time to reevaluate your friendship!

1. They are extremely self-centered

Everything this person does revolve around them. If it doesn’t help them out or make them look better they won’t bother with it.

Example: This person might come into your home/apartment to talk to your roommate and only acknowledge your presence when they want to brag about themselves to you, or only come over when they need something from you.

2. They feel like they are superior to you

Even if you have a better paying job or more fulfilling lifestyle, this person will always let you know that they are better than you. They are always in the right and will argue their point to the ground if need be. Because of this, often times they are quite condescending as well.

Example: Arguing with you on a topic that you clearly know more about and talking down to you in a demeaning tone.

3. They forever play the role of the victim

It doesn’t matter if they were actually the ones to cause trouble, these individuals will twist the story around and make sure everyone sees how “wounded” they are, convincing others that they are actually the victim. This person will consistently place the blame on other people.

Example: They might flirt hard-core with different guys in their room all night, but when their boyfriend breaks up with them it’s not because she blew him off for other guys, it’s because he was because he was being a jerk.

4. They are never there for you

Like mentioned earlier, if it doesn’t benefit them this person doesn’t care. If you need them or want to talk, they might leave you hanging. Emotional support will sound fake or not come from them at all.

Example: You might ask your “friend” to hang out only to find them blowing you off for no reason at all or for somebody else who is going to give them something in return for their time (party invites, food, popularity, etc). It isn’t uncommon for them to be deceiving about this and not often tell you their real reason for not wanting to see you.

5. They are two-faced

This individual can sometimes seem as sweet as can be upfront, but don’t tell them anything important, they might have a habit of using it against you. Trash talking you behind your back is also very common and to be expected.

Example: You tell this person something extremely personal and they turn around and immediately tell everyone they know, disregarding any promises made about secrecy.

6. They make you question yourself

Are they really a bad person, or are you just overreacting? Most of the time, these people know what they’re doing (either consciously or subconsciously) and use it as a tactic to manipulate you.

Example: Something you said with good intentions can be turned into an insult and that person may make you blame yourself for not saying the right thing.

If you go through this list and notice that you do every single one of these things to other people, then I hate to break it to you but you're probably a narcissist

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Ashley Williams from Pexels

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My New Found Party Crowd

I will forever be thankful for the uncomfortable nights that turned into complete comfort thanks to y’all.

First off, I want to thank you for making me get out of my comfort zone and making me life live again as a 22 year old. I want to thank you for attacking me anytime you see me walk into the bar after a long night at work even though I told you I wasn’t coming out. I thank you for all the long hugs, the slow dances we endure together, and all the heart to heart talks we share with each other.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for y’all I would still be lost and confused. I would be depressed everyday because I don’t deal with change very well.

You and took me under your wings and taught me how to fly again, and for that I will be forever thankful. Without you, I wouldn’t know myself again and I wouldn’t love myself. Without you I wouldn’t view myself worthy.

You’ve taught me that I deserve so much more than what I allow in my life, and you’ll never know how much that means to me.

Growing together is something I haven’t had with many people, especially not recently. My ex took that from me. And to know that people do accept me for who I really am brings a whole new light into my life. Moving to this small town has shown me a lot about life, and most of that is happiness isn’t always about yourself, it’s about who you surround yourself with. Y’all are my happiness. On my darkest days, I know atleast one, if not ten, of you are just a phone call away. You bring me joy, peace, and happiness. You bring light to my darkness. You bring calm to my madness.

I will forever be thankful for the uncomfortable nights that turned into complete comfort thanks to y’all.

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