Dear Senior Year

As I complete my fall semester of my senior year of college I have a lot of thoughts going through my head. Many of them are my anxieties running wild because again, my life is going to change forever and very soon. But my head is also filled with nostalgic memories of the past three years and hopes for the one ahead of me.

Dear Senior year of College,

I am proud of you for not giving up. You made it this far. I know that getting to my senior year unscathed is not an amazing feat, many do it and many are far more successful than I. You did it kid. You've had many people telling you that you weren't good enough but you also had a huge support system saying otherwise. So, you completed your first semester of Senior Year. As to your Spring Semester (last semester), You will be good to me, I will make sure you treat me well and I will make sure I conquer you.

The previous years have been rough. I have lost many people in my life throughout my college experience. I have grown apart from old friends and new friends as well. At some points, I have even lost myself. But now, about to enter my last semester of my undergrad- I can say without a doubt that I am the happiest I have been since I left for college.

Make sure to help me to continue making the best of this. Make sure that I do my best, not only academically but socially. Make sure I don't only lose people but I gain some too. Make sure I don't dwell on what's coming but live for what 's happening. Make sure I make the most out of this year.

You will be the semester I go and experience life as much as I can no matter how much time I have. You will be the year I don't stress about my GPA or how I'm going to finish writing a 10-page paper in two hours before class, because you are the year that I will be on top of it.

You will help me grow into the person I have always wanted to be and am becoming currently. You will help me not only grow my wings but also soar. I will not sit here and worry about what happens when I graduate and what I am going to do without my best friends, because you will prove to me that these people will always be apart of my life.

You will show me that not everyone leaves. You will show me that not everyone hurts me. And, you will show me that I am the maker of my own happiness. Most importantly you will be there with me to experience this, to experience the happiness and love and friendship. You are the beginning of the next milestone in my life and I am ready to take walk this path hand and hand with you.


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