Dear My First Love

Dear My First Love,

I love you so much I want to scream. My soul yearns for your warm eyes. Your contagious smile. Your energy. Your everything.

Why did we have to go wrong?

I can't stop staring into the past and living in our moments together.

The old us seems like the current us even though time and time I have to remind myself that us is now just a figment of my imagination, and no longer reachable.

Our old memories are the only things that bring a wistful smile onto my face these days.

I feel disconnected from the present and the moment in front of me.

I am stuck reaching for the past. No matter how hard I try, I cannot stop

Our thrilling midnight walks around Manhattan, our afternoons spent chasing each other in Central Park, our Sunday mornings holding each other while sipping coffee, our all-nighters where we lied in your bed and endlessly spoke about every little thing that crossed our minds, the late night video calls.

If only I could invent a time machine and go back. I would show you all my true affection and appreciation for you. I was too naive and terrified back then to show you how much love my heart holds for you but if I went back, I promise I would show you how not even the entire world could hold my love for you.


The Girl Who Will Never Get Over You

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