Dear Mothers

Mothers are wonderful! If I had to make a list of all the things that makes mothers wonderful, this article might be the longest piece of writing ever made. I believe mothers are most wonderful because they chose to let a life live within them; chose to risk their life to birth a new life, and, most importantly, they sacrifice a huge part of them to make sure that new life is raised with sincere love, care and affection. Mothers are the greatest superheroes. I have been raised by a single mother, for the past 13 or 14 years of my life, and I have never met anyone as selfless. My mother, like many mothers, sacrifices so much of her life and never shows that she is being drained. She gives me hope in love, trust and humanity. However, let’s not make it sound like it’s all a fairy tale. relationships with our mothers is sometimes a roller-coaster ride; the fights, the disagreements, and the whoopings. Except this roller-coaster ride is ours, and we cannot do without it. It's the best experience of our lives.

It is very interesting that we go through all these conflicts with our mothers but at the end of the day when anything bad happens they are the ones we run to crying. It’s taken a while, but I realize now that the reason we run to them is because no one understands how we feel like they do. I have several memories with my mom. She means everything to me, and I cannot function without her. Nevertheless, the memory that lingers was an incident that occurred when I was eight or nine years old. My two younger sisters had gotten into a fight, and somehow I got splashed with a bowl of hot beans. It was an accident, I think they were having an argument over what bowl of beans had more. Anyway, my body was on fire, without the fire. My mom runs out of the kitchen at the sound of my scream and takes me to the shower. I remember crying my eyes out only to look at my mom's face to see tears pouring down hers too. If I did not know better, if I was not feeling the burn on my skin, I would have easily thought my mother was the one who got splashed with hot beans. In that second, my pain became her pain, my hurt her hurt, my tears her tears. It was real. I remember telling her, “Mommy please don’t cry” and her replying to me, “OK,” with more tears running down her eyes.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it would be nice if I could buy my mom her favorite car or give her a vacation to any destination of her choice. These are not enough to pay back all our mother’s sacrifices, but it sure would let her know she is loved.

Mothers all over the world, Marlene Eseh, you are appreciated.

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