To My Future Husband,

I'm going to start by admitting that I'm not perfect. I have so many flaws that I stopped counting them. I've made so many mistakes in the past and I have done so many things that I regret. But one thing I'm not going to regret, is marrying you.

I'm going to apologize ahead of time for being a handful. You will figure out, if you haven't already, that my moods can change in a heartbeat for no reason at all. You will run around trying to figure out what you did wrong when in reality, you did nothing. We might as well make my wedding band a mood ring.

It’s weird to think that we might still be complete strangers or friends already, but we have no idea that we’ll eventually be together forever. You could be someone I hang out with everyday or someone I went to high school with. Either way, I can't wait for the day when we realize we want to be together. I know I'm not ready now, but if it's meant to be, then we will know for sure. God knows who you are and when the time will be right, but until then, I will continue to pray for you and pray that He helps me become the woman that will help you grow closer to Him and will be perfect for you.

I hope we have the same dreams for the future. I want no more than two or three kids, hopefully at least one boy and one girl. I hope they are a good mixture of us. I just pray they don't inherit my sarcasm because that can be very bad. And my sorry for my sarcastic mouth ahead of time. I know we will be a wonderful family even if we aren't perfect.

I have baggage, but I believe we both do. I have made mistakes in the past, but they helped shape me into the woman that you will eventually marry. I want to laugh with you and love you unconditionally. I'm super excited t o spend the rest of forever with you.

P.S. I hope you know, you're going to have to be best friends with my best friend, otherwise she might hate you.

With all my love,

Your future wife