An Ode To Lorde

First off, Lorde if you are reading this I want to say I am huge fan. I almost met you once last summer, but you decided to go into your bus before I could reach you. No biggie, I still love you even though you left me stranded in middle of the street.

I wanted to thank you with some reasons as to why you're an inspiration to my generation and me.

Thank you for teaching us to stay true to who we really are.

You stay true to your roots and that inspires us to be more like you. Thanks for not letting the spotlight change your appearance, style or personality.

I know people make fun of your dancing, but you don’t change that because frankly you don’t get a damn. That’s what our generation lacks. You are different, and that is truly beautiful.

Thank you for teaching me to love my hair.

Growing up I was constantly made fun of for having curly hair. The trends were always about having perfectly straight hair. Then you came along with the coolest curls and changed the game. Now I always wear it down, curly and crazy.

Thank you for showing us how to be powerful women. There is a lot of negativity around being a feminist but you turn everything around and show the world otherwise. You are on the top of alternative charts as an artist that not many women accomplished. You showed us that you can do anything a man can and even better.

Thank you for teaching us that you are not too young to accomplish your dreams. You accomplished what many wish to accomplish in their lifetime before reaching 18. You had one of the best albums of the century that is still being heard even today. This is what our generation needs motivations and goals and you truly are that role model.

Thank you for saying what the world is to damn afraid of saying. If it’s about issues affecting our generation or world you are always there stating what needs to be said. Even if it’s through twitter. You are truly one of the voices our generation has.

Thanks for being that person I look up to be someday. Not because you're famous or beautiful but because you are yourself. In a generation where we are constantly comparing ourselves or falling the latest trends we seem to lose ourselves. Then you come along with your curly hair, amazing dances moves, and breathtaking lyrics and change everything. I know a lot of girls feel the same and I want to thank you personally from all the others who feel like I do.

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