Dear Ivanka

Dear Ivanka,

Frankly, I am disappointed. Yes, a lot of it is because you don’t admit when your father’s policies (as they often are) are unambiguously deplorable. Oh, sorry— “unambiguously deplorable” means “really bad.” I know you like to claim you don’t know what words mean. But another part of it is that you do know better. And I’m disheartened to see you pretend that you don’t.

While Planned Parenthood is being defunded and poor women are losing cancer screenings, you post on Instagram about your vacation with your kids. While refugees are being turned away, you share quotes about acceptance. While you may not support dangerous “alt-right” conspiracy theorists, you do nothing to combat their messages. You may be a business owner, but you say “the most important job any woman can have is being a mother.”

I believe you are an intelligent woman, and I believe you know what is right and wrong. And I’m sorry that you’re surrounded by absolute buffoons.

But I think you have an endgame here. Your loyalty to the tangerine man baby has already been rewarded with a place in the White House. Who’s to say you don’t want to seek a more permanent, powerful place someday? Well, here’s what I have to say about that: stand up for what’s right, or stand aside.

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