Dear High School Senior, Come To College In The South

Dear High School Seniors its that time of year when making your college decisions is upon you, I bet you're itching to get out of high school but i have two key pieces of advice:

1. Do not rush your way out of high school it will be the biggest regret of your life and


There really is nothing quite like going to college in the south. We have tons of perks at our warm weather schools and no, we will never feel sorry for our northerner friends when we post Snapchats in 80 degrees during winter time.

Need more convincing? Here are 14 reasons going to college in the south is the best decision you'll ever make:

1. Dope weather

Obviously, the weather is half the reason why we chose our southern schools and nothing beats hitting the pool in between classes.

2. Beaches (before and after class)

Clearly another upside of going to school in warm weather means getting to have weekend beach trips with your friends!

3. People are way nicer

Yes, this is not a myth it is in fact the truth people are way nicer down south.

4. Palm trees. Everywhere.

Literally, nothing beats looking out your window and seeing palm trees, half the reason why I go to the school I do is for our palms. Just think of the instagram possibilites.

5. Flip flops all day every day

Flip flops are acceptable at all times, it is actually goals. Throw those Uggs away you won't need them here!

6. Big football

In the south we do football. That's just a fact. Football is a way of life here in the south, you'll get used to it.

7. Publix

A serious luxury that we have down here is our Publix supermarkets, they are gorgeous and have great deals but honestly the only thing that matters is PUB SUBS.

8. Having sunglasses on you all day

Oh you thought the fun just stopped at flip flops every day well guess again you get to wear sunglasses almost every day as well, so get those hater blockers ready.

9. Never seeing snow... until winter break.

Going to school down south means never having to deal with cold weather and snow until you have to go back home and see it.

10. Tanning is acceptable anywhere

Have a few minutes between class, catch some rays on the quad or pool it is totally ok down here, and all your friends back home will envy you, so be prepared for sassy texts!

11. "Y'all"

This is actually a thing, you can tell any northerner apart from a southerner just by one word, but when you go to school here it just becomes apart of your vocabulary.

12. Everything moves a littler slower.

If you are someone from up north going to school in the south you can totally see the change of pace, and the slow lifestyle is definitely different but way much calmer. Don't even get me started on the drivers here...

13. Partying is a different ball game.

No one parties like we do down south. If you go to a big time football school you truly know what a real darty is all about. But seriously drinking during the day is a normality down here.

14. Our food is better.

Obviously you've heard of southern comfort food, yea we have that but something no one will be able to touch is the Mexican food in Florida, it's the real deal.

So, if you have the option and the means to attend school in the South, you should probably do that ASAP.

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