Please don't say that I don't know what it means to be stressed because I absolutely, 100 percent do.

Just because it is a different type of stress that you may not understand or physically see, it does not mean that it is not there.

When you tell me that I do not understand what you had to go through in your life, you are right; I don’t. However, you don’t have to experience the pressure that we have on us today, and it only increases with you telling us that we are no good, always head deep in technology, privileged and have no idea what it means to be stressed or have to work hard, or that we can’t do anything on our own and that we think that everything will just be handed to us.

The lack of confidence that kids, teens and young adults have today is only increasing based on society’s image that is pressed upon us to look and act a certain way. The increase in bullying — not just physically but cyberbullying that can come from anyone at any time. The increased pressure to do well in school and be as involved as you can because college and future employers only want the best of the best, so if you’re not the best, then you're screwed.

Then, you have to balance three hours of homework with those extra-curricular activities and find time to eat and sleep enough all so that you can do it again the next day.

So yes, I’m lucky that I can use Google to look up a question that I need to answer for my paper, but that does not mean that I don’t get any less stressed than you might have when you had to look in a book. Or that at the click of a button I can send a text to someone, but that does not mean that I don’t know how to have a conversation.I may have to ask for help for certain things, but that does not mean that I am incompetent and unable to do things on my own. I may make a mistake with math in my head, but that does not mean that I am lazy and don’t know how to do math without a calculator like you had to; maybe it’s not my strong suit.I absolutely respect the fact that you grew up in a different time with different stressors that we don't have to deal with today. However, it does not mean that what stresses us out is any less stressful than what you had to go through.Please don't judge our generation by the few that are only focused on their phone and rely on their parents to do everything for them because that is not what should define our generation.