With the Republican National Convention over and the Democratic National Convention going on this week, the reality of the November election is starting to really hit. This election will be the first presidential election I am eligible to vote in. While I am not one hundred percent behind either candidate, I continue to pray God will guide whoever steps into that oval office in November.

As someone who is minoring in journalism, I often ask myself what I would ask certain celebrities or political figures if I ever got the chance to interview them.

Here are my questions for the next president of the United States:

How are you going to stop mass shootings at home?

Social security barely increases each year as the cost of living swells higher and higher. How are you going to protect our elderly?

How are you going to stop institutionalized racism?

How many more like Brock Turner are going to go free before the judicial system recognizes the danger of rape culture in our country?

Do you believe you can lead this country to love and combat hate?

How many more African American's are going to die at the hands of the very people who are supposed to protect them?

Veterans come home every day with missing arms, legs and mental injuries that we cannot even see. How are you going to stand up and protect our heroes?

How are you going to stop the image of all police men as savages and the slaughter of our men and women in blue?

What makes you wake up in the morning?

Would you stand at the front lines of a Black Lives Matter protest?

Our college graduates are having to choose between food or paying their student loans back. When are you going to lower the cost of college and give our educated young men and women a break?

Have you ever felt the financial struggle of the average American?

What are you going to do for the citizens of the United States who struggle to provide food for their family?

What happened to the water in Flint, Michigan? Why has there been no updates?

The second a terrorist attack happens in the Western world, CNN will have it plastered all over the front page. Why, when there is a suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan killing 80 people, were all American news sources silent?

These are only a few of the questions that have been constantly clouding my mind as I watch updates on this election.

I pray whoever our next Commander-in-Chief is has the answers.