So many of these articles exist out on this site, but seeing as the way that many people view me, I think it is quite necessary that I say some things to my future life dude.

Dear Future Husband:

You are alive and well right now, and after I got done realizing how strange that is, I was taken back by the beauty of that fact. Right now, as I write, you could be doing a variety of things. It's destiny that one day we will be together and figure out those things, but it's baffling to me. So, future husband, here's a few things I want to tell you

I may have times where I feel unworthy. Sometimes, the inner demons known by society as depression and anxiety will attempt to take over me. While it may seem that I am being unrealistic, and at times, annoying, I want you to realize that even under that, I am still the same woman that you fell/are in love with. During those times, especially when I need to cry, I hope you can still see my beauty.

We will have dogs. Notice that I said "dogs?" As in, more than one? I hope that you are an animal lover, because I want to have a house full of dogs. In my opinion, dogs fill our house with love, and the world needs more of that.

I hope that we agree politically. It doesn't matter if we don't, I just hope that you respect my beliefs and you respect mine. If worse comes to worse, we can have signs of both political candidates on our lawn. At the end of the day, I promise that politics will not define my views on you.

I know that there will be Saturdays when we want to go out, but some nights, I will want to get in some fuzzy socks and watch a so terrible that it's funny movie. Or Gilmore Girls. That is my favorite show and you may find many nights watching it with me. Doing adult things and having fun is always fun, but so is your presence in our own home.

I promise you that I will love your family as if they were my own. I will respect your parents and bond with your siblings. On the flip side, I hope that you can welcome my extended family into your heart. It will be through this love that we create our own version of our family, whether that be with or without kids.

I will ALWAYS be there to love you unconditionally. I will be your wife, best friend, and partner. Bad day at work? It's okay, that night it's whatever you want for dinner. There will be times when the both of us find ourselves in sticky predicaments, but I promise to help aide you out of yours.

I want you to know that even though I haven't met you yet, that I already love you. It's been a difficult spiritual journey getting to where I am comfortable waiting, but I know that you are worth it and so are we.

Love always,

Your future wife