Dear Future Me,

As you’re reading this, remember the ambitious 19-year-old writing this from her dorm room. Right now, my biggest worries involve my grades and my social life. I want to meet a guy worthy enough of my presence, and I need to go the gym more to avoid the freshman 15 as a sophomore.

I hope you’re living the dream. I hope you have a career you love and one you have dreamed of. I hope it doesn’t feel like a job, but more like your passion.

I hope you’ve found a guy that makes you smile so hard. I hope he makes you realize how pathetic some guys were back in high school and college. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t say that because maybe you met in college, but you get my point.

I hope every night you are tucking in your beautiful children, reading them a story, and kissing their foreheads. I hope they look up to you the same way you look at Mom and Dad.

I hope you have your loyal friends, the same ones I have today. I hope you still go out to brunch, have movie nights and gossip at all hours of the day. I hope you were in all their weddings and I hope you spoil their kids like they are your own.

I hope you haven’t forgotten your love for travel and your passport is filled with stamps and your mind is full of memories. Hang on to that because it makes life more exciting.

I hope that you didn't settle for anything in life. You are amazing, so there is no reason to settle. Be confident in your skills and abilities and everything will work out.

I know you are a planner, but if things didn’t work out that way, don’t stress. No matter where you've ended up in life, I hope you know you are exactly where you are supposed to be, whether or not it's what you had planned.

Don’t forget about me.


Current self