Dear Fitbit,

I know you're probably super disappointed in me at the moment, and I really can't make any excuse that is good enough for my laziness this summer. I had all these plans at the beginning of the summer. I was going to eat better, drink more water, get the right amount of rest each night, and slowly but surely start trying to work out. You and I both know that most of these were failures.

You see, I started off right. I tried a few Pinterest workouts, and realized I was horribly out of shape. I tried to drink more water... but sweet tea and coffee sound so much better. I tried to eat better, but fast food always seems easier and fries.. well, enough said. About the only thing I really stuck with was getting enough sleep, but instead of going to bed early and getting up early, I did the exact opposite. You see sometimes Netflix shows require several, several hours of attention, and the best time to do that is at night.

I really intended to use you to help me achieve some goals. I wanted to check your app and feel pride at how good I was living, but that just didn't happen. I would get the bedtime reminders at 10 and spend several more hours watching some show or movie. I even got to the point where I let you die, and just didn't charge you for a few days. I was embarrassed to face you, my healthy living motivator.

Summer is such a time of leniency, going with the flow, etc., so maybe summertime isn't my time to get back right with you. Maybe Fall is our time, ya know? It's a time of getting back on schedule, structure, and if you live in the South, it starts cooling down and let's all agree that this hot weather can make everyone lazy. Maybe Fall will be the time for motivation...but then again Fall is also the time for scary movies, pumpkin everything, sweets, and big sweaters that hide pudginess.

So let's just say I can't make any promises. I really am trying to get back healthy and make you proud, but my temptations make that a rather hard task. Hey, on the bright side, I may get a lot of steps walking across my freaking huge campus when classes start, but that's probably the closest I'll get.

Sorry for the disappointment.


the Netflix and junk food lover who has you for no reason